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PHORUM compare with VBulletin ?

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  • PHORUM compare with VBulletin ?

    I was preparing to install PHORUM for a club type organization and then I saw reference to VBulliten in one of the Phoroum support threads. Can anyone sum up the biggest differences between the two forum packages aside from liscensing.

    A key feature is the ability to attach image files to comments that phorum now has similar to AGORA.

    Also the ability to have many forum topics and sub topics or sub forums... Are the messages kept in a separate file than the headers or subjects etc. That is very important to speed and Phorum I hear is faster than VBulletin. I want to know if true is the tradeoff worth it for whatever feature is supplied. for instance, in Phorum a
    thread or comment cannot be moved to another forum because of many small databases as opposed to fewer larger ones.

    If VB is better, I would not want to make a mistake
    starting off. Hopefully there are some PHORUM converts
    here that are familiar with both.

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    I 'd like to know about the difference in memory/ CPU efficiency and disk utilization etc and I will accumulate millions of messages / records over time. Will VB ever be able to post the most recently commented on messages at the top of the list the same way does ? ?


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      Please do not cross post. All I see in every forum is a post by you. People will see your thread and comment on it, please just be patient!
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        I was about to post the same thing
        Please ONLY post your topic(s) in the approriate forum


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          Here's the other thread

          I'm closing this one


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