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How do you know if it's a pirated forum?

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  • How do you know if it's a pirated forum?

    Not that I have one or anything (Check it out, I'm reg'ed!!!) I am just wondering how do you guys spot a pirated forum. I visit a TON OF FORUMS daily and couldn't tell you if they were pirated or not. Anything special you notice that could tick you off it's pirated? I am curious because I would pay attention to this when I visit these boards to see if they are pirated and if so, report them .. Just wondering ..
    Jason Miller

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    There's no easy way to know if a board is pirated or not, but there are usually some clues:
    • Boards running on free web space
    • Boards that are running older versions of vBulletin (but not always)
    • Boards with illegal or questionable content
    • Boards that have removed the copyright statement
    • Boards that are closed to the public / private forums

    You can always send a suspected pirated board's URL to [email protected] and we will handle it from there.
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      Missing copyright or editied copyright info (some guy had 2.2.2 in his copyright). Not always the case of course, but usually signs to look for.

      Some boards might be running some old version of vB, but of course many if not most are legit, they just cant afford or dont want to upgrade (hell I didnt when UBB 6.x came out when I was a UBB user). But I've seen some running old UBB versions and the Infopop ppl would ask the owner for license information sometimes.

      edit -Chris posted before me while I was writing this So I guess theres NO legit way to remove copyright? UBB I think allows you to if you pay the $700 fee last I checked.
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        You can usually smell a pirated forum from a mile away. Its a satisying feeling to see them squirm
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          Originally posted by Mr. X
          So I guess theres NO legit way to remove copyright?
          Yes, you buy a branding-free license that allows you to remove the copyright, but 95% of the forums without a copyright have not paid to remove it (and may very well be running an illegal copy as well).


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            is this running a pirated forum ?



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              Originally posted by katim110 View Post
              is this running a pirated forum ?

              Holy necro thread bump from 2002. :O

              That's a fairly large forum, 7m posts. I wouldn't think it on first guess to be a nulled/pirated version.

              If you suspect it's an illegal forum, go here:
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                Originally posted by katim110 View Post
                is this running a pirated forum ?

                For a senior member from 2009, I'd expect more from you, than bumping this thread.
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                  1. As already stated, please use the Piracy form to report any suspected pirate copy run sites

                  2. We never disclose whether a site is properly licensed or not so no point in asking...
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