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Hello everyone! Prospective vBulletin customer here.

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  • Feld0
    New Member
    • Oct 2010
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    Hello everyone! Prospective vBulletin customer here.

    Normally, I write in this blue text on forums. However, I have this odd feeling it won't be too welcomed around here, so I'll spare you all from that.

    Well, hey everyone! I'm Feld0, also known as Peter D. and the Feldian Yoshi. As you can probably tell by that and my avatar, I'm a huge fan of everyone's favourite cartoon dino. When I join a community, I always think it's nice to introduce myself and give everyone a little background on who I am and why I'm here. So, keep reading!

    I've heard lots of great things about vBulletin, and since I've just started work on a couple of websites that will have forums, I thought joining here would be a great way to get some tips and find out if vBulletin will really be the right solution for them, since it would be a rather significant investment on my budget.

    A little more about me, in case you're curious: I'm currently the assistant editor and forum community manager (super/global moderator, in other words) of, the second-biggest site in the world dedicated to the 3DS, by readers. There are a couple of other places where I've made my mark, but that's the one where I've seen the greatest degree of success.

    While I am interested in learning about site design, I'm really more about content and the organization; I often have a down-to-the-pixel idea of what I want a site to look like and what features it should have, but when the time comes to actually put it together, I find myself unable to do much more than mess around a bit with premade themes for whatever script I'm using (until now, those have been Wordpress or phpBB). I'm not sure if learning how to design sites is within the scope of these forums (I'm well aware that it's a vBulletin forum), but some general tips or places to start would be greatly appreciated if it's not.

    There's quite a bit more to me, but that's about it in a nutshell; last thing I want to do is bore you with a long tl;dr-type post. Looking forward to getting to know the people here!
  • IBxAnders
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    • Aug 2001
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    Welcome to the community.
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    • Erik656
      New Member
      • Oct 2010
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      Hey Firends!


      • Loco.M
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        • Mar 2005
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