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  • reece3
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    • Feb 2010
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    2 Problems.


    I'm Reece Turner a Moderator from SportGFX.com. I signed up here just to run a couple of problems by you guys and see what you think needs to be done...

    • Recently we had a new Administrator take over the site, Amit. He hasen't been online in over a month and as we have over 27,000 members we're a very busy forum. There are changes that he promised in a "revamp" that was planned in public for all members to see, so these members have been expecting things that they are not getting. The site activity is dropping fast, with big members leaving since his takeover. He's a big part of a community called ChannelFuse but we have contacted them and they haven't heard from him either, it's strange but we are worrying what happens if he never comes back, or doesn't come back for a few more months?

    • Forum Rules - Since the new Administrator took over we never made a new set of rules, so today we constructed a new set. However we have come across a slight problem when trying to add them to the site. We wanted to add them here instead of in a topic on the main forum: http://sportgfx.com/misc.php?do=showrules But as you can see, when we tried it all joint together and messed up. We've tried a few different ways of fixing this but we've come to a point where we don't know what we can do next. If you're wondering how we have acess to the admincp, our Moderator Henry has the details to login to Amit's account (on permission)

    Hopefully someone here will have some ideas that i can pass over to Henry, we have enough problems at the moment without things not working out with the rules. Sorry if this is not the correct section, i haven't been online here for a very long time.

    Thanks alot,
    SportGFX.com Staff.
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    To get vB support on these forums you first need to be a licensed customer and register for Priority Forum Support. To do this, please go here:

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    Once you've done this, please post in the appropriate support forum for your version.

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