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    I need some help with website development. I've got a online startup going on that is moderately complicated. I had to fire my last developer due to utter failure to accomplish the tasks required. I spent over a month with that company and they totally failed to perform.

    Basically, what I need is five basic elements all tied together.

    1: A vibrant, eye catching, simple to navigate website that will lure people to the site and keep them there throughout the process without generating frustration for the user.

    2: An order entry system that is simple and easy to navigate... drop down boxes for custom specifications, each one based on a database subset of previous selections.

    3: The ability to upload artwork for production purposes, as well as a way to determine if the artwork is suitable for production and offer suggestions if not.

    4: A robust shopping cart, capable of handling stand alone credit cards through a SSL layer, as well as handling punch throughs to all of the 3rd party processors like paypal, clickbank, etc.

    5: Search Engine Optimization so that it lands on the top of all of the normal searches like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

    The canned packages like Joomla and Wordpress won't work for me. I'm looking for a custom solution, and have budgeted a significant amount of money to accomplish this. I need a nuts and bolts developer that can put a professional e-commerce site together from scratch.

    I have my own dedicated server, so any sort of access needed to accomplish this job can be granted.

    I'm asking that you do not do searches on the internet and offer suggestions based on what you find one some internet review site... I want real life feedback from companies you've dealt with for this sort of development yourself. A link to the site they developed for you, as well as a timeframe that it took to get it developed would be helpful, but let's not turn this thread into a *show off your website* type thread... please PM me with the information. I don't want to upset the bosses.
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