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  • 2 servers 2 database

    I am using a chat program by eshare technologies located on a different server and using db format.

    Is it possible to, when someone registers or update their profile in VB, to have it simultaneously update the other database?

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    This is possible but requires quite a lot of code modifications - which you would have to do yourself or hire someone to do it for you.


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      thanks James

      I just posted from my desktop... I guess that would be to include a <form> in register?


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        I was thinking more along the lines of either:

        Make register.php and member.php connect to the other database server as well and update the files

        Make register.php send a 'POST' request to a file on the other server that does the updates.


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          do you know someone who could implement that for me?


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            I wanted to do the same things with images .. put all images on a rackshack server which cost a lot less for bandwidth. I was told it would be way to hard to do.
            Jason Miller


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              What database software is the other server running?


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                Have no idea. the format is db. Look over there


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                  Can't get to that page - I get a popup saying 'access this page from or an authorized affiliate'.


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                    on the next page that loads up, click on "chat" in to links menu.


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                      You could try doing what I've done for the forums and main site, which has bespoke news posting/commenting functionality. We use the same username/password and profile (email and icq) on the main site which is grabbed from a database on another server.

                      If you can schedule a cron job to run a script ( - chmod 774 to execute ./ something like mine:

                      mysql -u username -p password database table > dump.sql
                      mysql -u username -p password -h remotehost database < dump.sql

                      check the syntax by doing mysql --help at the prompt and change as required. The idea, which is very inefficient, is to dump the bits you want to disk, then insert them into the remote - which will of cause need permissions setting up. If its local, just insert into the other table.

                      You could of course get a php script which you would run on a cron or manually which could do this a lot better using arrays or another approach.

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                        ... and I was hoping that this post was going to help me in my situation...
                        HP DL-380 G6, 2x E5520, 28GB RAM, 4x300GB SAS, VMWare ESXi
                        Unreal Tournament : Assault forums - irc:// -


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