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Woo Hoo... Got My iPhone Back

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  • Woo Hoo... Got My iPhone Back

    Stopped in at the Apple shop on the weekend, as my wifes phone she dropped was no longer under warranty, and even if it was, doesn't cover being dropped, so we asked them how much to repair and they have the most simplest system I have ever come across from any provider to date... pay $250 repair cost and swap the phone over for a fully refurbished (looks brand new) iphone. Easy as that... so now I have what could only be explained as a brand new iphone. The HTC spare we had actually put me off using the phone, and my I didn't even respond to SMS because it uses the Windows OS with scribble... which was great years ago, but hard to return too when you have used an iphone for 18 months.

    Much happier now with my phone. I was a bit upset that it came with 4.x on it, and they wouldn't revert it for us, but when I plugged it in here as I had a current backup of my phone before giving it to my wife, when I chose to restore the full backup it also restored the OS to 3.x along with all data... so that impressed me even more. I got a new iphone 3GS with 3.x OS. Happy as a pig in mud now.

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    Originally posted by anthonyparsons View Post
    I was a bit upset that it came with 4.x on it...
    Hi Anthony,
    Why do you say that?
    Reason I ask is that I too have an iPhone (3gs) and have not as yet updated to 4.0. I had heard of initial problems (loss of data/pics/etc. among others), so I've waited. I don't 'jail break' my phone, so that wouldn't be an issue for me. Why don't you like 4.0?



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      My wife accidently updated hers to 4.x, and it gave her nothing but constant issues, constant dropouts, locking, really slow to do things as the 3gs doesn't have the CPU or memory that the iphone4 has to run the OS... then she dropped it, and got mine, which still had 3.x on it, as I had read all the bad things and didn't upgrade, but then seen it first hand with her upgrading her one. When I got this one back I was stoked last night when I discovered it did a total 3.x restore, as I didn't want to go through it.

      We spoke with the guy at the apple store, and he admitted that they will have a lot of issues running the new OS and the itunes shouldn't really just give the option to upgrade. Now they have created the problem, he did say an upcoming release, 4.1.x will apparently be the fix for those 3gs users who upgraded to 4.x, as it will be better constructed to identify and run appropriately depending on type of iphone.


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        Yup, just as I had suspected... wait till 4.1 arrives.

        Thanks, Anthony. :-)