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Survey: How did you find vbulletin ?

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    Hi there,

    I was using ub2k for ~7 month, which worked fine, but got kind of hoggy when reaching ~1000 posts (dbi backend).
    Next step was to go for MySQL, which would be possible with ub2k - but I thought: Why not switch to a really cool & slick bulletin board. There it was, on and that's why I'm here...

    P.S.: UB2K is now definitely down. I guess you could get some customers from there, especially since there was a need of a PHP version and announced for version 3...
    Yes, definetely right. Especially with GameCrash's awesome hack the move from ub2k was simple and clean.
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      Well, my old host owned a license and let me use the board, back then it was 1.1.3. At the time, i owned a UBB license, but he told me i could have this board which was just like UBB but didn't need all the common hacks that people put on UBB. So i said, sure, i'll try it.

      Then, i used it once, and never looked back.
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        I was a loyal UBB user. I've been using it since it first debuted, and thought it was the coolest.

        Then I bought 5.46, and ran that board for a few months. Looked nice, but hacking it was a pain in the ayse.

        When UBB6 debuted, I didnt like it, installing UBB was always a hassle, and given the fact its a resource hog, and takes up alot of space I need for other things, not mention the outragous price increase, I dropped it.

        For a while I used XMBForum as my forum software, then finally took the plunge and bought vB.
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          I followed the link off another board I was frequently visiting, downloaded and played with the Lite version, then purchased.

          I'd been looking for a replacement board with vB's ease of management for months off and on.

          The only thing I miss is a way to email messages to subscribers, and there are hacks to do that (but I'm waiting for v2.1's feature list so I don't confuse my users...).

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            i too love this software

            I became aware of vBulletin through my patronage of the We're Here Flash Forums (still my favorite vb of all)

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              My bulletin board odyssey

              Well, I frequented many UBBs in the spring and summer of 1999. Then I found out about ezboard - a free board with almost all the features of UBB! Seemed almost too good to be true - and it turned out later it was. I started my board in September 1999 and it became popular. We got on the ezboard showcase, I was interviewed for their newsletter, they named me a "VIP admin"... everything was great.

              Then early this year they launched CSC. Basically, unless you pay, your board will be saturated with pop-ups and banners. We paid for CSC Gold to eliminate ads for 6 months in April, but we began looking for ways to get out of ezboard. One of my members showed me a vBulletin board. I had never heard of them, but I went to the website. At the time, you only had an import from UBB and there was a poll for which board to do next. Of course I voted for ezboard.

              I came back in June to find that the script had been completed. We then took the next two months to weigh the pros and cons of moving to vBulletin. The founder of ezboard even emailed me asking me to stay, saying that if I left, I'd probably come crawling back.

              But finally we purchased the vBulletin and on August 10th, freddie was kind enough to import our ezboard. I've had no regrets - vBulletin is awesome!


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                I was running Webboard, which was reaching the end of its usable life. I had been struggling to find an alternative for a long time. THe criteria were strict, in that I couldn't eliminate features users had enjoyed with Webboard, but we couldn't stay on Webboard.

                I have a group of 15 people who help with the site, so I gave them a list of forum software to look at. We decided on PanFora, even though it was pricey and didn't have the requisite "Mark Forum Read" feature we needed.

                However, I stumbled across vBulletin 2.0 beta through some sort of chain of events. It intriuged me so I bought it and started playing with it. It took a few weeks to get it feature-set equal to vBulletin (mostly the Mark Forum Read hack, and eliminating new message tracking using cookies and instead using a database).

                After this, we ditched Webboard. I'm now in the process of converting a few lingering Webboard installs we have at the company I work for over to vBulletin.



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                  nice... let's keep this old thread going with more vB owner experiences/stories on how they became a vB owner

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                    ed told me about vb in apr 2000 at, i forgot what hack i wanted, but vb had it standard...


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                      i forget where. i saw the vbulletin thing on the bottom of some forum somewhere and did a google search. "ah! . duh!"


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                        I was a member at eva2000's beautiful forums so I decided to get my own. I am planning to buy another 4-5 fourms in a few months time.


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                          I found it via this site.



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                            Well, this thread isn't what I was looking for when I searched, but it's a great one!

                            I'm at an EZBoard and last February or March I got it in my head that we should abdicate that fine service, so I set about finding a BB script for the board's owner who wished to make his own rules (fortunately we are on the same page with this). I honestly don't remember where I first encountered vB, but it grabbed me when I installed the lite version. Oh, it could have been at a hosting companies message board - as I believe a previous poster mentioned, Futurequest.

                            The story is pretty much stalled because, darn it, people just don't like change! But I'm still chugging along and have upgraded to 2.0.3 (and man oh man is it great!) from a beta version - finally. It looks as if there are big changes (a move? oh, to dream) in store for the membership at our board and I'm so looking forward to using vB to it's fullest! And I am ever-grateful that I didn't purchase UBB because I was close to making that decision when I found vBulletin.

                            Again, 2.0.3 is the best! And I'm sure it will get better :-)


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                              Our site was on the network before they closed the doors. When we went idependent I actually bought Anyboard. Don't laugh at me. I didn't know any better. We grew rapidly and had to find a higher bandwidth host. I ran into VBulletin at Webhostingtalk. Then I started seeing it everywhere as I searched for a host. We were having all sorts of problems with Anyboard, so I downloaded the Lite version of VB and played with it on the new server before we moved. I bought VB and then tried to talk the webmaster into changing software. I eventually convinced him to let me change software. VBulletin was a smash hit with the users from day one!
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                                I had pruchased and installed UBB in March 2000. However for some reason I didn't stop looking for new BB software and July of last year I saw a brief message on the UBB forums (quickly deleted) mentioning vBulletin. I figured anything that would inspire such quick censorship deserved a look.

                                Over the subsequent months I watched the continuing development of vB. Then when the 2.0 beta was launched, I liked what I saw and bought a copy. After significant testing, I switched my forums over to vB last May, and my Members and I couldn't be happier.
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