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  • Mods and Admins please !

    hello all,,

    if i have a VB forum V. 2.0.3 installed in my site and i have no liecince,,, but i decided to buy a liecince and upgrade to latest version which is 2.2.1.....would you give me support or no?
    i heared that the new version have encryption or something like that which will change all my user's passwords and stuff like that??

    now is that true?
    am i going to have problems after upgrading from 2.0.3 to 2.2.1??

    thanx alot

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    First, I don't know about the liscence thingy..I'm not a Guess would be that they'd help you now that you have a valid lisence...

    And yes the new version uses encryption. MD5 to be exact...If you run the appropriate upgrade files then it's a breeze...It will convert all of the passwords to MD5 encryption...If you read the instructions right then you should have no problems.
    If you have just purchased your lisence I would enter your lisence info into your profile so that you receive support..

    More info on how to upgrade your board can be found here


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      How about you first show us you have a license?

      Thank you.
      Chen Avinadav
      Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

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        come on man,,,, i wouldn't aski this if i have it..... having the liecine depends on your answer!!!!!!!


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          If you buy a license you will get support.


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            buy a license, problem solved.

            yes, you will get support once you have a license.

            no, the passwords will not change... they will simply be stored in a more secure fashion.

            problems? probably not. you may need to redo any customized templates you have, but that is all.


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              Hey do you know by having the software on your server you are committing a criminal offence. Even if you did buy a licence now you could still be prosecuted.

              Better be quick I reckon...
              Motorsport Forums


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                i know that,,,thats why i decided to but a license>..
                thank you all and i'll buy it right now,,,,


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                  Damn Cheap Asses .. buy it to begin with!
                  Jason Miller


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                    Can I butt a lisence too?
                    It sounds fun!


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                      Originally posted by jam583
                      Damn Cheap Asses .. buy it to begin with!
                      no kidding very reasonable licence fee for a great product.
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