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    Originally posted by Marc Smith
    I will say one thing - and I could probably do it if I was a coder, but I'm not -- I like the way they 'box' quoted text in messages. Sets it off well. I'd like to be able to do that with vBulletin.
    Not trying to imply anything here, but that "feature" has been a vB hack for quite some time now. We don't just add hacks to the base code without the permission of the author because it's not the right thing to do...


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      Yeah - when I took a look around I realized that. I'm just a guy who keeps his own forum / server up but it's not my business to do this type of thing. So I am definitely not on the cutting edge of what hacks are out there, and even, as evidenced in this thread, of many of the capabilities of vBulletin. Now and again I learn a thing or two.

      As far as not including hacks I understand your comment. But I wasn't really looking at it that way in my earlier post - or now for that matter. I saw it as a formatting issue. If we've reached the stage where putting a simple box around a quoted passage in a response to a post in a forum environment is a copyright or other 'property' issue there are a lot of us in trouble.


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        why the heck soimeone bring up a 15 month old thread or so????
        Running vB since 4-14-2002


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          Originally posted by IDN
          why the heck soimeone bring up a 15 month old thread or so????
          The obvious answer is that we're dragging our feet while patiently awaiting v3.
          Toddler from Hell


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            Originally posted by Susan
            Yup...quite easy. Just go into your admin control panel and click on "modify" in the Custom VB codes area.
            Do you know what the maximum characters is that you can put in a vB code? I've been playing with this and screwing things up (admittedly I'm not very good at this stuff). Is it like a 255 charqcter field or something?

            I'm seeing some neat boxes on some sites now that I'm looking but when I put in the code I want to make the same effect if there is 'too many' characters it truncates and everything goes haywire with the tables.

            Advice appreciated!


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