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    I have in the past, tried to run a community (tech type), using ubb, I bought it / own it. It did not work (i think i rushed into it). I like Vbulletin and using the lite version right now at home. It works nicely and I have the bug again.

    I am interested in trying to setup a site (community) using Vbulletin but not sure what type of community to setup?

    So I ask here for your Opinions. How did you come about choosing the type of Community you setup and run? I like technology ( it's a hobby and the way I make a living) and looked on the net there are so many, I also like macs, again ther are so many forum type sites on these topics.

    I guess I feel if someone else is doing it why will mine work! Stupid maybe, but I wold just like to have a good forum with a decent member base. I am not looking to blow the roof off, just a popular forum oneday! <--- I am not asking alot huh

    Would you not setup a forum if you feel there are to mnay out there? I mean I see so many gaming forums and I wonder how they can be so busy, did I miss something over the past couple of years...

    Thanks for any replies
    - Regards Louis

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    Pick a nitch and fill it, make sure its something you love, simple as that


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      Above all, the subject matter should be near and dear to you. A successful forum has heart and soul behind it.


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        Agreeded with the replies above.

        You mention gaming forums - I got into running the UTA forums by playing the game - people want to talk about things they do on-line. Previous to this everything revolved around a single non interactive web site and games servers. Nobody else covered the area of UT (not the type we play, Assault) - so there was a market.

        I stepped in to help the community I was already participating in by offering to move from their current Ezboard setup to vB - and it has helped "us" grow even more.

        If you enjoy the content people are talking about, and have a good knowledge of it - check out some other sites.

        If you are going to go head to head against another site, which already has a members base - ask yourself why someone would leave a proven, tested and reliable site where they know people - and move to a new site with less members and activity which they don't know.
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          Some good replies...

          Thanks Some good replies here. I know finding a nitch a filling it would be ideal... but It's not that easy, as everyone else is on the nitch line. I think it's tuff on th net, I have been around for a while and seen many good/great ideas, but never thought a BB wold work, then I try it (I had my blinders on at the time). But as the ol saying goes "If your slow you Blow!"

          For instance, I seen some BB's that were so busy in like 3 months, and there was no way this was possible! I know before anyone chimes in and says yes it is, not these sites (and there are many) my friend. But they had 200/800 members and 8240 post and growing. <--- I was born at night not last nite . I searched around and many said you need to talk to yourself to get things going... ok, but joining my own board 100 times just seems like to much work .

          Of course I would like to have something that enjoy talking about, and have an interest in, but my mind is drawing a blank right now. I also agree that if another board has a good member base why would they come to my BB... I dont know why? but again there are many boards on the same subject, and they seem to be active/busy and (they are all going Head to Head). I counted about 35 Mac boards and 10 maybe are busy, I also found about 50 Tech boards and all busy. <--- Now i did not perform a thorough search but it gave me a sense of what is going on.

          Yeah I missed the gaming error

          It's wierd I join a few boards and participate, and just think that others would do the same. Thanks for your responses. Maybe I should setup a comminity for folks wanting to setup a community .

          After all that! It's raining in NYC today, but the news of Jason Giambi Joining the Yankees is like a ray of sunshine.
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            Originally posted by Joe
            Pick a nitch and fill it, make sure its something you love, simple as that
            That sums it up perfectly!
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              To be honest, I am not sure that it works very well to decide to create a web community and then try to find a topic for it.

              It works best if you have a topic that you are passionate about, and then create the community for it. Mine was born from an old yahoo club. We HATED yahoo's bugs, and a few idiots kept hacking the club and causing trouble; so we moved to UBB.

              Later, we moved to vbulletin because it's better.

              If you have nothing to say, or nothing to share, there's really no point in creating a web site for it.



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                Originally posted by amykhar
                To be honest, I am not sure that it works very well to decide to create a web community and then try to find a topic for it.
                I am not sure I understand this but I will run with it.

                I am not sure you can create a community then find topics. as I mentioned I have a passion for technology <---- PC, MAC.Tech Stuff, gadgets, etc. One of my questions were how did you decide to go forward with your community considering there are dozens with the same topics? Be it Technology, Gaming, Parenting, Webmaster resources, General BS/Chatting... And would you consider doing something that others have already done? <--- this one was easy because folks are doing it.

                Originally posted by amykhar
                If you have nothing to say, or nothing to share, there's really no point in creating a web site for it.
                Where did this come from? You forget it's not me the (webmaster) that has nothing to say or share. <--- It's building the community and getting others to Speak Up! As in Joining and contributing to post. Maybe you mis-understodd me about joining and posting a 100 times. Of course I would not setup a forum about cars <-- I know nothing about cars. but I did want to figure out what would be a good way to narrow down my choices.

                I guess find a nitch is what it's all about, just like the others who have found their nitch.

                thank you all for your replies.
                -Regards Louis


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                  Are you a member of any forums you like, but could be run better? Give it your own shot. I started my forum becouse the other cycling forums avalible, sucked!

                  If i were to start a new forum, i would go for a xc-ski forum, or a paragliding / hang glididng forum. I have yet to come upon a forum of value for thoes two sports

                  If you like games, pick a game, and thats your nitch. I work at microsoft, we recive ~150 calls a day for the game Asheron's Call, i doubt theres a forum for that game, and looking at the page, there 11,521 people on that game, right now!! These would be quality members, they already pay $10 a MONTH to play the game at the zone... think about it nice eh, to bad im not a game guy...


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