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    Originally posted by WizyWyg
    Dell and their less than stellar support, however.
    Ok from my experiences with Dell's Tech Support i have been very happy with them. Every problem i may have had was solved. And i think the longest i waited on the phone was 1 minute. I have had my friends said that they had trouble with support but than again they arent that computer literate. I mean if you tell them your problem and EXPLAIN what is going on not just like.. um.. when i hit this button it wont work. i mean come on any tech support person doesnt know whats going on. So yes i love Dell Tech Support .


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      ..or you could get a mac

      *me runs in fear!*


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        I would be more than happy to build you one. I've built several computers for many different people, some of which haven't been shut down or powered off in months. E-mail me and let me know what the computer will be used for and we can go from there. If nothing else, I can give you a price guide on where to find the parts at the lowest price.


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          If you don't build one, I highly recommend Dell. I got this one (Dimension 8100, P4 1.3 Ghz, 256 MB RDRAM) in June and aside from crashing problems I caused by installing ZoneAlarm (now fixed with upgrade), it has been rock solid. I haven't had to use Dell's support at all - but I guess that goes to show how good their stuff is. They also give some great bargains with purchases. I got a free Palm m100 with my system, and they are offering a free DVD or CD-RW drive right now.
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            Just build your own. I built my own and I'm proud of it!

            Not only do you get the satisfaction of using a computer that you built all by yourself, but it also makes you take pride in your computer and, next time, instead of buying a new one, you may just want to replace parts (IE motherboard, processor, ram, etc.)

            If you buy some computer from somewhere like Dell, Gateway, etc., then you are bound to get some kind of problem when moving your computer into another case.

            My freind got a Dell a few weeks ago. I opened the sucker up to switch cases and the P4 he got came in some werid Dell caseing thing that was all neon green. We decided it was best not to gut the computer and now he has an empty case laying around...

            I told him that he should have built his own...
            - James


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              I dunno. I've never bought one. always built.


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