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    It looks like facebook has the patent on social networking feeds. I wonder how it will impact other social networking platforms? I'm amazed they even patent junk like that.
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    I'd be surprised if facebook followed an aggressive approach to protecting this patent. Facebook is a giant open platform, and it would be against their whole approach to the web to block others from doing the same.
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      I don't think Google is too concerned over impeding into FaceBook's area... as they are usually pretty level headed about these things. Google have openly admitted in the past that they never assumed they would ever get dominance in the social networking aspects of the web, being Yahoo and MSN at those times. They released Google talk to a demanding market, but never planned on competing for that market space with Yahoo or MSN, but to instead just work within it. Its what other search providers do now... they work within the search space and accept they cannot knock Google off the top now. FaceBook has such dominance and familiarity within the social networking space, I don't ever see Google even able to come close to challenging them. Buzz IMHO, is a beginners approach to gmail users to get them used to what is coming with Google Wave. Google have one of the largest used email services in the world now, so by incorporating buzz into gmail accounts, it will aid in transitioning people to Wave when fully functional.