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Relocating a site from an uncooperative host

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  • Relocating a site from an uncooperative host

    I'm unsure of whether this is a good place for this question or not - moderators please feel free to relocate this question if you feel that's appropriate.

    I'm currently trying to help out a vB licence (and domain) holder (TerriS) with relocating a forum from one host to another, in the capacity of tech admin.

    Ours is a situation where the original host offered the space for the forum for free on a server he maintained with his own stuff, then basically changed his mind a few months later. At that time he opened a new account and put it in his friend's name, who at the time had admin privileges at our forum.

    The 'friend', who has since left the forum due to a breakdown of the previous good relationship, now refuses to acknowledge our repeated requests to get at our database. As a result of this, we're trying to migrate onto space that is fully controlled by the licence holder. In an ideal world it would be a simple case of backing up the existing MySQL data and relocating it the new host, but the space currently occupied has no CLI access to MySQL, and phpMyAdmin is limited in what it will allow us to do - undertaking a back-up being one of them.

    We're looking for suggestions on what recourse/options we have at this point. We have approached the primary host that offered the virtual server the forum is on, but they have stated that they don't do backups on behalf of customers - probably because we have made it clear we are one remove away from them.

    Short of continuing to prevail upon our current host to assist indefinitely, we are unsure whether there are other options we could try to get the matter closed out.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to try and move forward in a rather messy situation?

    Chris (the tech admin)

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    If you don't have telnet or SSH access, some people have reported success with these scripts:


    Steve Machol, former vBulletin Customer Support Manager (and NOT retired!)
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      Thanks Steve,

      I'll take a look over the next day or so.

      Chris (tta)


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        Originally posted by TerriS View Post
        Thanks Steve,

        I'll take a look over the next day or so.

        Chris (tta)
        I hve used mysqldumper many times. It works great.
        If you dont know the DB informationb. Log into your FTP and look at the /includes/config.php file

        You'll be able to grab the database then download via browser or FTP.


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          Thanks all for the help. I'm pretty sure MySQLDumper has done the trick. A backup has been created without a problem, I just need to do some tests now to prove it restores without a problem. Thanks again.


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            It should,

            Just install mysqldumper to the new host. Upload the backup files and restore.

            Only thing you may have trouble with,, Mysql versions. If you have this issue, then you may need to change the setting in the mysqldumper for compatibility mode.
            I'm also assuming since you are are asking about this.. You do not have access to cPanel?
            If you can get into phpmyadmin, can you "export" the tables? This would be another option


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