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What have you been up to whilst waiting for vB4? What are your plans?

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  • What have you been up to whilst waiting for vB4? What are your plans?

    I hope you haven't just been twiddling your thumbs! :lol:

    Personally - we've rearranged our schedule a bit, and come to some realisations.

    Current vB sites - short term
    Some major updates to these were put on hold (although the design work for each site was completed). You see they all need a CMS system so we've been waiting to see how the vBCMS pans out. Currently the vbCMS does not fulfil our requirements - so we'll wait for the roadmap to see if there's a chance it will in the near future.

    New sites
    One is currently in beta, forum with stock vB skin - and that will be upgraded to 3.8 with the new look we have designed for it, hopefully by the end of the year. Despite it being designed to be a full SN site, we will only enable forums and profiles as that will make it easier for us to port to another platform if vB4 doesn't shape up by the time 4.1 comes out (or if we feel the need to drop vB for any other reason).

    The other is a brand new site that was originally going to be powered by Drupal or CakePHP, but after a lot of research and a lot of learning, we've decided that we're going to go custom, possibly using one of the frameworks out there.

    Current vB sites - long term
    There is a good chance that almost all of our vB sites are going to be ported to custom Rails solutions too. And the main reason for this is flexibility. One thing I've learned is that one solution does not fit all, and I don't think the vBCMS is going to give me the flexibility I want in the time I need - purely because most vB customers just won't need or want that kind of flexibility. Also, by moving away from a platform such as vB or dolphin or elgg - you separate yourself from all other similar sites and immediately stand out, especially if you are quite specific in what you want. I think building from scratch is better than trying to shape what you want from an existing platform - while you save time, you end up compromising too much.

    Anyway, I know this kindof sounds like a goodbye thread - but I'll still be keeping an eye on vB as I think it's a fantastic way to get a community up in beta to test the water, then you can see what kind of site that particular market needs and start planning a custom solution (or even just sticking with a forum if that's the best fit). It's been great seeing what my sites need whilst watching them develop as a forum - and they all need different things, even the ones I had first thought would be quite similar.

    Anyway, enough about me! What have you lot been up to?
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    I've been revisiting vivvo for my CMS section again.
    I think IB's attempt is good, buy way behind others.
    I have a Jan 1 deadline for a CMS to be in place.
    I hope beta5 shows promise.

    I'll upgrade to vB4 for the forum and continue to use vBadvanced
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      My new sites that started on vbulletin will remain vbulletin until the version is no longer supported. Bought 2 upgrades for the 2 new sites.
      My older established sites are in the process of being converted. Have one left to do.
      Any new sites I start will use another product unless I have an unused vbulletin license left. No new licenses will be purchased.

      I'll revisit vbulletin when 4.0 matures. If things look different then they are now I will consider buying new licenses again.
      At this point in time I see no reason to purchase anything new from here for sites I decide to start.
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        Praying 4.0.1 is what 4 should have been....


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          I've been very busy. Both my sites run photopost, vbseo and blogs/projects. As this would have required a massive cost increase for vb licensing and associated products, I moved one of my sites to a different platform to see how things went. Its been very successful, so now I am planning to completely move across. It also means I dont have to go to 3 places to get support and I dont get each company blaming the other for issues.


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            What platform?


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              We are going to wait for vB 4.1 but we have started looking into vB 4.* and we have already created a style that looks similar to our current one but that's it.
              It's understandable that we don't spend much time on something that's basically 3.8 with some new shoes on.
              That's the end of that!


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