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Intel or AMD?

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  • Computer Chat Intel or AMD?

    Which one's quad-core processors are generally better?

    Read the article about Intel. Looks like they are heading to rough seas.

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    Hard-Core enthusiasts rate Intel's chips better. Talk to the folks over at They're probably the biggest O/C community. Fugger and Miahallen hang out there a lot
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      I am Intel all the way. I had an AMD once, as was so disappointed with it I will never go back. Intel board and CPU matched set for me nowadays.


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        I buy whatever fits my budget when I purchase a new computer. Budget fluctuates according to the need. As long as the end result works, I am not too worried about the chip manufacturer. My current computer and my wife's computer are both using AMD processors. My kid's laptops have Intel processors.
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          My custom-built comp and Acer laptop are both running on AMD. I chose AMD because it's an underdog. I know it's kind of silly, but that was my logic.

          I am getting ready to jump to a quad-core processor. Maybe I'll try Intel this time.


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            * Always Intel * And Xeon's for Servers.


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              I used to be a solid amd guy, because they were so cheap. I've been intel since Pentium D's. All my computers right now run intel. my next build might be amd just because of price.


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                Oh no... another pointless debate. Will the real Fan boys please stand up, please stand up, please stand up. lol.

                Personally at this time it does not matter what chip manufacture you buy. The end result is they both sell/share trade secrets to each other.


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                  Sorry fufu, but I can't agree with you. It totally depends on what you are using the computer for as to what processor is better. I can emphatically claim that for raster image processing gigantic files (+1GB) for wide format printing, the intel processor kicks AMD's butt, but for graphic design... the pre-process before the RIP, AMD kicks Intel's butt. I don't game, so I can't comment on that, but both have their place in my life, and both are living up to my expectations and improving with every generation.
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