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openBB - is it legal?

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    It's Freeware


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      For those considering openBB over vB, I'd take into consideration the old saying "Don't judge a book by its cover." For all we know openBB could be severely bug-ridden and languid. In any case, if they were shooting for "class" by ripping vB off, they fall quite short; no C or L to be exact. - up and running July 15th, 2001!

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        I think it looks like an excellent free solution..

        If I was pushed for money I would prob go with these guys upon testing their board first..

        however I want assured quality.. I would rather pay and have my feedback listened to and be helped when I have a problem..

        Its the same with any software..

        dl some freeware and the chances are you're not gonna get much support.. why would they go out on a limb to help you havnig payed nothing?

        However if you pay for support and pay for the product the product will develop better and you will receive support when you have troubles..

        Thats why I use vb..


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          I'd stay away from that openbb. One of these days they might get caught with their pants down and leave in some vB code. Then they'll get sued by Jelsoft and you'll be forced to take your openbb offline permanently.
          Well, there it is.
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            Well you gotta add to the fact that they're kids. The "owner" is only 14 or so... and probably doesn't know much about copyrighted material, and the law...

            Also, they're doing this mostly as a after school project and on the weekends. They're not full time developers. Things get done when they have the time - not when its demanded. I don't think they do much bug testing before they release a version. From what I've seen and when I tested their script, that half the time, they leave things "half assed" and not really release material.

            Its shame...

            But I admire them for doing what they're doing at a young age. God knows php/mysql was very popular when I was in high school... heck, I don't even think it was available when I was in high school -- and that was 7 years ago (when I was their age). That's one reason why I don't know php/mysql myself (well I know it enough to get by - but not to write something) -- but I do know Perl (evil!) - I use to know it very well -- but not anymore...

            Anyways...I'm rattling...



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              How do you know the owner is 14?


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                Hmmm, I think we're talking about the wrong 14-year-old

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                  14 year old??
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                    He even admitted it on this boards over at openbb....

                    I'm not disallusional... I seen it with my very own eyes... he's 14 or 15... something like that... might've had a birthday since I last visited...who knows..


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                      Niels Van der Wildt
                      Nickname: Niels
                      Email: [email protected]
                      Location: Belgium
                      Age: 14
                      Task: Main Developer
                      There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don't


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                        so... has anybody used this board?
                        from a one to ten (ten being best) what's its rating?


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                          im going to mess around with it, to see its performance. I heard that it was slower compared to vBulletin partially to messed up coding.
                          There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don't


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                            when you are done please let us know how good it is! Thanks


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                              Any comments on OpenBB? Is it easy to use?


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                                Originally posted by Adam Jones
                                so... has anybody used this board?
                                from a one to ten (ten being best) what's its rating?
                                I messed around with it a while ago (about a month ago), and if you want a serious board -- don't use it. I give it about a 6.5 out of 10.


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