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European Union Trying to ban cookies

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  • European Union Trying to ban cookies

    I heard on The Screen Savers, which is a show on TechTV that the EU is trying to pass a law making cookies illegal because they are "spyware". I hope this one doesn't pass because I don't feel like rewriting my websites.

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    I read that headline somewhere too but can't find it now.

    Anyways, that's what happens when luddite dorks are left to make high tech decisions, especially when they think Aol IS the internet.
    Well, there it is.
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      Well, somehow it's understandable because there are sites which make too extensive use of cookies. Cookies are useful, I know. But on some sits, if you have cookie check on, you have to click half an hour through warnings...
      But it's no solution to make them illegal.


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        There is no AOL in Europe that I know of

        But that could affect a lot of people,

        I'm over in America so I don't have to worry as much, but it's people like Jelsoft that are going to have lots of problems. That would make it so vBulletin couldn't have cookies.


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          Originally posted by damicatz
          There is no AOL in Europe that I know of

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            They wouldn't have an Internet in Europe if they banned cookies. Simple as that.

            Cookies are the only way to enable state and allow things such as eCommerce, Discussion and secure websites. They come in many forms. Instead they should be accepting the P3P recommendation and allowing the consumer to make their own choices.
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              I live in England and this is not true.


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                Actually it is true to a certain degree.

                The EC/EU were attempting to get legislation through to either block the use of cookies, or restrict them for privacy reasons. Obviously they don't understand how important cookies are to the internet.

                I don't believe for a second this will get through though.


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                  Originally posted by damicatz
                  There is no AOL in Europe that I know of
                  i live in denmark, and of all my friends, me and another guy are the only ones who doesnt use AOL(just my friends though, not all denmark )


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