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Debating getting a new license

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  • Debating getting a new license

    I have one owned license, I use it for a private fashion related forum, it's going quite well. I recently opened another forum using phpbb because I didn't want to pay for another license if the new forum didnt take off. The new forum is for fans of a few bands. We've gotten a few members and it looks like they're going to post regularly, and now I've got The Dilemma. Do I wait, and see how the new forum shapes up, before plunking down the 195 for a new license? Then if it DOES take off, I have to go through the hassle of using an import script (which I've never done - and who knows when one will be ready for 4.0) to move everything to the new forum. Or do I buy a vb license now and start out from the beginning on good software, taking the risk that the forum may not take off and I may be basically spending almost 200 bucks for nothing (if it doesnt take off), 200 bucks that I could use to buy gear for my new camera or any other number of things. I went to the vb site and went through the steps to buy a new license, I just need to click the payment button, but I'm hesitating. Help?

    There's also the point that I haven't worked on phpbb boards in years and honestly, they kind of suck. It's not a pleasant task, setting it up and making it pretty and all that stuff, whereas on a vb board, I actually enjoy the admin/design work (for the most part).