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    i'm french and i don't know why vB doesn't have specific forum for other language like french german spanish or others.

    I know that jelsoft is an english Enterprises but there is a lot of foreign users.
    I went very often to vb-france and i like all work of renaud but there is no official link between vB and vB-fr or vb-german.

    phpBB have files language, ubb french or others forums but vb nothing.
    I like vB but to have a vB forum in french is so hard

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    I really approve Floleb7's way !

    Jelsoft just seems to be interested on english and a bit of german !

    > French people are really interested on vB and they paid licences too !

    We would like to have a real interest of Jelsoft for French Community !
    ... as James said far away ...

    > Has he disapered ???


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      we're still trying to get the coding organized, but language packs are on the todo list.

      getting clean, bug free, security tight code is the top priority, though.


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        hum ...

        can we have some news about the way to do this ?

        < i heard about request-based translation ...

        I think this will kill all vB's servers ....


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          most of what's really required is a translation of the templates. there is *very* little hardcoded in.


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            templates are done


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              Originally posted by Martin
              most of what's really required is a translation of the templates. there is *very* little hardcoded in.
              but admin cannot be translate like this and so cannot be give to users.

              Also with this method everybody (and of course warez board) have translation of forum. So lot of french or german use warez because with warez they can have french board with no problem no official french vB = no protection.


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                When i try to say them that they are breaking the Jelsoft licence agreement, they said that they don't care !

                > They don't have licences ...


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                  > I can just add that there are a piece of text in the PHP files wich must be translated to have a quite well french forum ..


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                    we would love to be able to have vB in every major language, and support in those languages, too, but it's difficult because there aren't a lot of people willing to donate the time necessary to moderate a support forum.


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                      uhuh ?

                      > I spent many hours a day on vBulletin-france.

                      > by now : 1846 posts (15.08per pay )

                      > about 95% for support ...

                      > vB-france is now launched ... we made for october 100.000 pages viewed ...


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                        yep there is people who can moderate support forum but if nobody ask


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                          what abt Chinese?? I saw a lots of vBulletin in Chinese although is version 2.0.0 and they looks great...

                          Not that I approved of illegal board.....
                 (BETA) -


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                              I also think that the french community of Vbulletin is very active.

                              We have support, description, help for installation, hacks to improve vbb, and a serious team to manage all of this.

                              I think that something have to be done for all the people in the world who don't speak english.....

                              I thnink that having on this site a link to vb-france, vb-german, etc.... is a good idea...
                              Even if you precise that there are no links between jelsoft and these forums.

                              This could be very appreciated by all the "foreign" community.

                              So : let live the French Community !!
                              (and the german, spanish, chinese, etc... too)


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