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AOL needs my password?

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  • AOL needs my password?

    I was aim at 6:00, and some guy claiming to be aol employee needs my password... read the convo:
    Information LRDS: Good afternoon sir. I am an AIM employee and we need to your password because we lost our database.
    TheComputerGuy03: really?
    TheComputerGuy03: where are you located?
    Information LRDS: The United States sir.
    TheComputerGuy03: hmmm...thats weird considering AIM was made in Canada
    Information LRDS: I'm an AOL employee in our AIM division.
    TheComputerGuy03: well howcome it says never to give ur password to anyone, and it says AOL employees will never ask for it
    Information LRDS: We need your current password. You may change it later.
    Information LRDS: But this is a special case.
    Information LRDS: We lost our databse.
    Information LRDS: database*
    TheComputerGuy03: who else did you lose? because thats lie
    TheComputerGuy03: my password is **** YOU
    Information LRDS: Sir, you may contact AOL if you want to.
    TheComputerGuy03: ok give me the number I will right now
    Information LRDS: I'm gonna get iy sir. Please wait.
    Information LRDS: it*

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    AOL could get your password if they really wanted it by looking in their server's database.

    And if they "lost" their database, you wouldn't be able to sign on since your account wouldn't even work.

    I would turn him in, I think theirs a form on their webpage for reporting problems.


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      Ha haha... I get those all the time when I enter aol chat rooms. What I do is have tons of fun with them and waste their time. Next time you should send them off to (contains some REALLY disgusting pictures so don't click if you don't like that sort of stuff) that'll teach them!
      Well, there it is.
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        LOL, what a hacker man, hes the best hacker I've seen
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          hahaha, I diddn;t know people still phished on AOL....pfff


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            talking about AOL, i know theres a way to use your aol account without their software but like a normal dun

            i cant remember the software which did thi s though
            something like "aoisp"

            does anyone know ?


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              TheComputerGuy.. you use AOL?

              Ah well, i think you deserver to have fun poked at ya, i mean.. an aol user.. bah!
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                no I dont use AOL, I use their free AIM service...

                AOL so easy to use, no wonder no one with intelligence uses it


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