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I like my XP!

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  • I like my XP!

    Iv'e upgraded to XP Pro from win98SE. I must say, Fabulous. Stable and multitasking like I never new it.

    Have you tried or upgraded to XP yet?
    Yes... I love it.
    Yes... I like it but it could be improved.
    I don't like XP
    Never tried it yet, but it's coming.

    The poll is expired.

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    I may get it if a students license is available. But I don't think that I really need to update my Win2k Prof. Especially I don't like the fact to "ask" MS when getting new hardware...


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      I'm running 2000 Pro and it's been extremely stable, so I am going to wait to upgrade til I have some reason to do so.... of course this is a great upgrade to get if you still using those Win 95/98/ME crappy OSes


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        I stand with Chris. Been running win2k for the past year and absolutely love its stability. Now if I were still on that "crash every hour" win98, I'd upgrade to xp in a split second.
        Well, there it is.
        - Keeper of the Grove


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          XP is the greatest consumer operating system ever released. I recomend it!


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            I've been using WinXP Pro for about 4 months now... Its done wonderings for my computer.

            Right now, I'm stuck with my 3 year old 333mhz, 96mb ram P.O.S, that originally came with Win98. Before with Win98, I was running between 60-80% CPU usage all the time - and could barely keep PhotoShop 6 up and running for more than 10 minutes before my computer would crash. Now, with WinXP, I rarely go over 30% with PhotoShop 6 running... and I can use it for hours at a time.

            With WinXP, you don't have to reactivate it everytime you add new software to it. It will only ask you to do it, if you change something major to your computer -- aka new motherboard, new cpu, etc. Something that would identify your computer as something else.

            It wont ask you to reactivate it everytime you add something... I added a NIC card, and it didn't ask me to reactivate it.

            And you don't have to call Mr. Gates when this happens... You have the option to just use the internet -- and there's no waiting period, and you don't have to talk to anyone. Its activated in less than 10 seconds.

            Personally, I have no problems with it...

            That's just my 2 1/2 cents..


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              I know that I can do this via internet. But it's unneeded. What if you have a second, changeable hard-disk? I just think that this is useless and won't prevent from piracy. A way to make it harder would be to copy protect the CD's. MS hasn't done that yet in any product they have...Of course this isn't the top solution either. But better than to activate it by going to their site...


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                I had been using Win2k ever since it came out, and chanced an upgrade to XP instead of doing a fresh install about 2 months ago. It is rock stable as Win2k was so go for the upgrade.


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                  i happy running Win 98SE that has been skinned using stardock's winblinds (thanks to Kevin's recommendations )

                  is WinXP really that good in managing resourced? too expensive for me right now

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                    my xp is a bit laggy. not when starting it up but in the task bar. i start internet explorer and i see the page. everything is fully loaded and then 5 secs later it shows it in the taskbar..
                    - MrLister


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                      Don't upgrade XP over 2k, you get lagginess. Do a fresh install (which I must do this weekend. My dual 1ghz deserve better!)

                      As for XP. I like it, it has some really nice features, but the ties into MSN/MS are a bit too strong. Its getting into Real Networks territory. Enought to make me paranoid about my machine talking to MS. I put a zone-alarm type utility on to catch it.

                      I always say, if all my stuff ran on Linux, I'd avoid MS all together, but I can't do that yet.



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                        I've had XP for a few months's been absolutely fantastic and I wouldn't go back to 2k for anything now.

                        I did a fresh install over 2k and it's faster than ever...


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                          Windows NT gave me piece of mind regarding multitasking and stability, i.e. few system crashes, like 2000 and XP do it now
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                            i'll stick with Windows 2000 Pro. My system is running perfectly stable right now with everything just the way i like it.


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                              Originally posted by Chris Schreiber
                              I'm running 2000 Pro and it's been extremely stable, so I am going to wait to upgrade til I have some reason to do so.... of course this is a great upgrade to get if you still using those Win 95/98/ME crappy OSes
                              I went ahead last week and installed XP Pro to replace my Win2K. I did a fresh install and everything went smoothly. I haven't really noticed much difference over 2K.

                              The first thing I did was to switch the theme back to 'Windows Classic'! The other thing I need to figure out how to do is get rid of that stupid little puppy when I search for files! Arrghh! What were they thinking!?

                              Also, Creative Labs still haven't released an XP driver for the Soundblaster Live. ATI only just released their driver a few days ago for my Rage Pro.

                              But, all in all. I'm happy with the upgrade... or sidegrade
                     - British expatriate community


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