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    How do you all deal with people flaming on your forums? Us gaming geeks seem to take it as seriously as football or any other activity which ends up being quite heated.

    We delete posts, close threads and warn users about being banned. However people want to be able to voice their opinons, and from past experience a "Flame Forum" actually is counter-productive as people start flames threads just because there is a place to do it.

    Any suggestions apart from physically strangling the people who seem to want to ruin a perfectly happy community?
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    I'll usually just pop into a thread like that and tell them to cool it. usually they do, but if they don't, I dump the thread into my "troll" depository.


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      Usually there is a good reason behind a flame, people trying to express opinions they beleive or trying to put a view behind a certain topic. However their focus often goes astray and they become disoriented in simply "showing up" the other guy.

      I would post a certain image here, but it could be offensive,so I wont bother. When people start to flame I usually post this image and then they have a little chuckle about it and the flaming stops. Its a good way to end it. I'll PM u the image, as its not really acceptable to be publicly posting in these forums..

      hmm, Sounds like a great essay topic
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        I'd love that image, just out of curiosity now I think...

        One of our regular forum members, who represents the more sane side of the community posted this link this morning. We needed a whole fire department to control the flames we got yesterday, it seems to be infecious. It has a negative effect on everyone else, even if the flames are remove word gets around that its happened.
        HP DL-380 G6, 2x E5520, 28GB RAM, 4x300GB SAS, VMWare ESXi
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          Hey Martz, I know how you feel..

          Things have been relatively quiet on my boards in the way of flaming (they are giving me a rest) and it requires quite a bit of mediating to keep everyone happy as you probably know..

          I think in your mind you probably know there are one or two people that are the cause of 80% of the flames.. people disagree and get insulting sure and i just step in and politely say calm it or the thread will not be here and it normally sorts it..

          However if you notice that it always seems to be one of two people starting it deal with them. Put them on moderation and then ban after that.. Once these one or two are out I bet you will find your job much easier..

          Also it might be worth taking a harsher moderating position and publically announce you are doing this. Say everyone should refrain from flaming. If you do flame and it came from nowhere say they will go on moderation for a week.. then once more and they are out.. A few people will shout nazi's etc but in the long run it will be better..

          hope that helps some.


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            Usually all that's required is editing and warning in the thread, or moving it to the "troll" forum as Martin says. (we have one too, called something different).

            However, if a member persists, a stern warning by email. If that doesn't work, move to the banned group for a few days (suspension). If that doesn't stop it, permanent ban. Any member who sincerely wants to stay part of the community will straighten up after the email warning or suspension.


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