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  • Way Off-Topic Pirate Party - no joke

    We have a new political party in the UK. It's not a joke, though you'd have no sense of humour if you couldn't raise a huge smile or little chuckle....

    It's no joke. They are a bona fide registered political party....lmao

    The world is changing. The Pirate Party understands that the law needs to change to match the realities of life in the 21st century.
    We have 3 core policies:
    • Reform copyright and patent law. We want to legalise non-commercial file sharing and reduce the excessive length of copyright protection, while ensuring that when creative works are sold, it's the artists who benefit, not monopoly rights holders. We want a patent system that doesn't stifle innovation or make life saving drugs so expensive that patients die.
    • End the excessive surveillance, profiling, tracking and monitoring of innocent people by Government and big businesses.
    • Ensure that everyone has real freedom of speech and real freedom to enjoy and participate in our shared culture.


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    Sure it's no joke.

    The pirate party in Sweden already won a seat in the European parliament.

    There's a pirate party in Germany as well. They will be running in the Bundestag election later this year.

    And quite frankly seeing the music industry with its war on p2p, creating a generation of lawbreakers ... prohibition v2.0 ... such a party might be needed.

    Not to mention all those recent "big brother" laws (usually pretending just to fight terror) and internet censorship movements (usually pretending just to fight child porn).
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      Very interesting.

      Made me laugh this one.
      Jut a random internet person.

      A message to all illegal users!


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        I'd have to read more on their policies before deciding whether to vote for them. It's not just copyright law that needs to be reconsidered. Huge discussions need to take place to figure out the place of digital media in today's society. This encompasses far more than piracy.
        Dean Clatworthy - Web Developer/Designer


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          They have my vote in 2009 Bundestag's election.


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            I think there are more important issues to deal with than copyright law at this point in time... Anyway, surely the Monster Raving Loony Party are more deserving of a vote.
            - TomJames


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              Ooo. Sounds interesting

              Got my vote!


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                according to this article they're attracting 100 new members per hour


                and the best of luck to them, unfortunately there are more important issues to sort first me anyway....yawnnnnnn...


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                  A bit unrelated, but didn't a bunch of people in the UK try to get "Jedi" as an official state religion or something?

                  Anyway, I must say a "Pirate Party" isn't a bad idea...


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                    Originally posted by Quillz View Post
                    A bit unrelated, but didn't a bunch of people in the UK try to get "Jedi" as an official state religion or something?

                    Anyway, I must say a "Pirate Party" isn't a bad idea...
                    Yep and I believe they succeeded
                    Dean Clatworthy - Web Developer/Designer


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