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    Originally posted by RobAC


    This is where I'm going with it:
    You do look at these stats for your own servers, and ask your customers to do the same, yes? These stats would be much more interesting if they were from Yahoo, CNN, Amazon or nearly any other high volume site other than a university's engineering department...

    My stats for my high volume site are not even closely aligned with these.

    18% of my users are on Macs.

    22% of my users use one version of Netscape or another.

    Yes, IE on Windoze is the predominant platform, but I wonder if those of you who specifically design for IE on Windoze are not simply supporting the self-fulling prophecy that eventually drives away all other users, and makes your stats fit your design...


    ps By the way, our Corporate standard (a 13,000 employee Fortune 500 company) is Netscape, and is not likely to switch any time soon since many of our Intranet tools don't work well on IE. A high percentage of these tools are purchased, and not developed in house - however the speed of change is such that Netscape 4.X was the browser of choice when they came out, and they will not be upgraded or changed any time soon.
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      hmmm i'd never claim to be a professional in anything... i'm a learner, an absorber of knowledge

      besides i use to help me with netsacpe issues when even bother with browser compatibility
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        Funnily enough I am still waiting to hear from c-prompt. If memory serves me correctly, he is still not finished with my board modifications. Our agreement extended to him putting up links to my other sites at the top of the forum.

        One would think he would get back to me after all this but it seems that he's gotten his money and isn't interested in completing the job I paid him to do.



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          he is having some problems with his cable connecting to the internet but i am sure will deal with your problem soon.

          I have found him a real pleasure to work with and has designed me some top quality images for my new site.
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            I agree. When I design my websites for clients I make sure that they are compatible in as many browsers as possible...It doesn't matter if my clients don't ASK for cross browser compatibility I make sure it looks as good as possible in all them..

            When you are running a business on the web you want to pull in 100% of the business possible. When your design is only compatible with 80% you are loosing that other 20% OR potentially anyway.

            Most of this kind of stuff should be written in contracts before the job is started..But that doesn't always happen...Sometimes not even I get a written contract..

            It's well worth the money to buy template contracts that cover the designer from all angles as well as his/her subcontractors .


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              Prolex> Than why is pixeljunction not compatible in Netscape?


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                I knew you would bring that up, sad really..
                Anyway, I know its going to turn into a repeat, so I am no longer posting in this thread..

                Its not netscape compatible because the bulk of our users dont use netscape. Less then 2%.. Also when reading Prolex's post you will notice it says when doing "Client" pages we try to make them netscape compatible. Pixeljunction is not a client site, thus I made the choice not to make it netscape compatible.

                I could ask the same question c-pr0mpt, but I wont bother..
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                  this thread seems to be denigrating into a pissing match.

                  cool it guys, or I'll close it.


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                    I'd voice my opinion but somethings are better left unsaid.


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                      Originally posted by c-prompt
                      Prolex> Than why is pixeljunction not compatible in Netscape?
                      c-prompt, how would you know someone else's site isn't compatible in Netscape 4.xx? You told me you didn't have the browser!!!

                      Martin, this thread is open and I would appreciate it staying open because c-prompt sees fit to answer everyone else but me. I don't know if any of you see this but it looks like he's ignoring me.



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                        as much as I disagree with what happened to you, this is not the place to air your grievances. We do not endorse anyone's outside services and this forum is not for airing your grievances against someone else.

                        while I would not delete this thread, because I feel people should be aware, I do not see the point in letting it become a flame war of a personal nature for what is, essentially, a personal problem.

                        I do not speak for Jelsoft, but I would imagine that John and James would both agree with me.


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