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Dealing with bad members?

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  • Dealing with bad members?

    I got some nasty members roll over from a rival board (yes, you heard me) I ban the IP's, the usernames, and try everything, they keep coming back?

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    When I was still using my UBB I would approve all registrations (before they could post) and I would not allow people to register using free e-mail services. This pretty much eliminated the problem.

    They always had the option of hiding their address or switching it after they were approved. But once you have their ISP e-mail address if they post threatening or harrassing messages then you can report them.
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      i've had a couple annoying peeps. the only full proof way to deal with them is the temporarily moderate new registrations or temporarily disabled new reg.


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        If you have a good forum, the members will bash the bad member down, making the bad member to leave after a while. If not, you can always take the final action...


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          Where can I get a list of free email domains? I'd like to ban all free email domains in my user regs.
          Well, there it is.
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            We moderate all new registrations. The IP# is right in the profile, so I copy the first 3 sections of the IP#, then check for matches in the IP database. I've caught several banned users trying to sneak back with this. It's a little work, but saves a lot of trouble. The only hitch is AOL. Too many matches there to be effective. But if somebody on AOL is a huge pain, you can contact AOL.

            Another thing we do is put each new member into a special usergroup for a short time. The only thing they can do is read threads and post replies. They can't use PM, view profiles, edit their profile etc. When we're satisifed they're not a troll, they're moved to the regular member group.


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              There is no way you can ban a member as long as you have
              an open door registration. Another Topic on banning is in
              the How To Forum.

              Yes, we too have public boards open to all, and they must be
              be upgraded along the way to other boards as they prove
              their respect.

              Allowing other members to bash a basher will get you no
              where except a reputation that you have an elite core of
              bashers who are allowed to bash. We stop the bashing
              right away for everyone, use a three-gentle-warning, and
              then a short time out for a few days. Jumping right to
              outright banning is nuking the potentially good member
              that is acting childlike. Use the good parent skills for such
              errant children, appoint moderators who are slow to anger
              and slow on their ego, and you'll end up with a board that

              Here's another excellent board that used the above
              principals that our board uses:


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