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  • Way Off-Topic Place to sleep in NY

    Way off topic I know but maybe some of you guys can help me.

    I'm planning a trip to NY in October and need a place to sleep. I looked for hotels but hell yeah these are expansive.
    Youth hostels aren't that cool as I'm travelling with a girl

    So does anyone knows some cheap (but not crappy) hotel or appartments to led for 11 days?

    Thanks for any useful response.

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    We don't really have Hostels here in NYC ... and you are right, hotels are pricey.

    I have to find the site, but I think there is a place where people can rent out an apartment for a week or two at a time, that might be your best bet.

    As an alternative, try to find hotels (days inn, holiday inn, etc) in Brooklyn, Queens (counties in NYC outside of Manhattan) or in New Jersey. All have easy access to Manhattan.

    Also check out Big Apple Greeter -- they will do personal tours of nyc (donations appreciated) but you have to register in advance.
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      Look in Jersey.
      Perhaps one with a shuttle to the Park n Ride.
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        Originally posted by 1996 328ti View Post
        Look in Jersey.
        Perhaps one with a shuttle to the Park n Ride.
        I've done that. I had a hotel booked in New Jersey that was close to the Penn Station there, and just rode the train to New York.

        Getting hotels in NY is a real pain when it comes to finding cheap ones. I found this to be a nice alternative.
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          So the Plaza is out? I'd check,, and You can probably find a bargain in the outlying areas.
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            A friend of mine stayed in a small hotel in New Jersey. I can ask him about the details if you like.
            That's the end of that!


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              Would be great MrNase

              I looked for some hotels in New Yersey and Long Island, this would be the cheapest places I guess. Anyway it's time to safe money.


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                Long Island isn't far from the city (about 30 - 40 min depending on time of day) but the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) can cost you about 10 bucks per trip just so you know. You also have to pick a hotel close to the LIRR or it will be a PITA for ya.
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                  yeh hotels are hella creepy dont do it.


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                    Originally posted by Davian Ambrose View Post
                    yeh hotels are hella creepy dont do it.
                    Is creepy really the word to use here?
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                      Thanks for all your comments. After more hours of searching I find this hotel:
                      9 nights, 2 people, 990 Dollar - with the currently strong Euro not too bad and from what I've found on various booking sites, it's one of the best for this amount of money.


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                        Hmmm I never heard of that place before, I'll have to drive by and check it out. Google maps doesn't seem to have a great shot.

                        LIC (Long Island City) is more an industrial area so you wont find much to see or do around there.

                        It is very close to NYC (15 min train ride) so that's a plus. The nearest trains are about half a mile away it seems. You can see the subway icons on google maps (F train is on 21st and 41 ave).

                        Speaking of which ... NYC subways run 24/7 and they run fairly frequently even to 1 or 2am but after that you may have a bit of a wait. At that point you may want to take a taxi cab.

               is a great site too. It will tell you how to get around the city by subway (train) and give you an estimate on what a cab would run you. General rule of thumb, avoid cabs during rush hours as traffic sucks hardcore.

                        Some other things to help you make the most of your trip:

               (NYC's tourist site)
                        Big Apple Greeter (volunteers show you around)

                        If you are into museums:

                        The Metropolitan Museum of Art
                        The Queens Museum of Art
                        The American Museum of the Moving Image
                        The Whitney Museum
                        The Frick Musuem
                        Hayden Planterium
                        Belvedere Castle
                        Queens Theatre in The Park
                        Ellis Island Immigration Museum
                        New York Hall Of Science
                        American Museum of Natural History
                        Guggenheim Museum
                        NY Museums List

                        Central Park -- is great destination if you in upper manhattan. You could enjoy a walk through the park, a picnic on the great lawn or, if you get there early enough in the day, free tickets to see Shakespeare in the Park at Belvedre Castle which is a great experience. (Interesting Trivia: Belvedere Castle is one of the Castle's in Manhattan and Central Park itself accounts for about 1/4 of the total land).

                        Toys R Us Ferris Wheel -- I am not a big fan of Times Square and i usually try to avoid it but if you are in the area, this is a good momentary diversion to see along with the Hershey store across the street.

                        Broadway shows -- we have a ton and they have a lot of deep discounts going on. Try to take advantage if you can.

                        As for eats, depends on what you are after:

                        Chikalicious (lower east side) has two locations on 10th and 2nd ave. One has a prefix dessert menu and the other is more grab and go. Both have seating and great food but you want to get there early on the weekends.

                        Max Brenner (Lower East Side) -- chocolate and more chocolate. They serve dinner but its a good place to go for anything chocolate like fondue.

                        Dip - not sure where this is but its the fondue place or so I hear.

                        Serendippity 3 - around 60th and the 2nd, it's the place the movie was named after. Crowds are nuts on the weekend but you can leave your name and drop by Dillian's candy store up the block for some childish fun while you wait.

                        Tea and Sympathy (West Villiage) offers english style tea and finger sandwiches (more of a lunch thing). The place is pretty small so if their is a crowd waiting, you wont be able to sit and chill around.

                        Teany (90 Rivington Street) used to be partly owned by Moby and is another tea house with vegan friendly dishes that's open late. Cash only so be prepared.

                        As for bars and lounges,... more than you can count.

                        Have fun on your trip!

                        Plan, Do, Check, Act!


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                          Huge thank you for your long and helpful posting.

                          The Ravel hotel was opened in early 2008 and I've read some comments about the position. 10 Minutes to go to the next subway and the neighborhood isn't that nice according to these comments.

                          I'm very interested in museums so do you know if they are free to visit like in London?

                          So you live in NYC?
                          Well, maybe we should trink a beer together


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