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    I bought one of my domains at auction from snapnames last year, but since then they have been taken over by a company called moniker. Their user interface for renewing a domain is horrendous. I have genuinely never used such a poorly designed user interface in my life. It's that bad that I can't even find an email address or form to log a support request.

    Alas, I'm going to be transferring my domain away from them. I've heard good and bad stories from GoDaddy. Anyone use any other (well-known) providers?

    - Pay via paypal
    - Whois block
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    Not a widely known company but I've used UK based (well their offices are) Web Mania for many years.

    Don't do WHOIS block as a matter of course but think I got it by mailing them just after registering a domain some time back - can't remember to be honest.
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      Weird enough I've just completed an order from Namecheap before heading to these forums and see this thread.

      I suppose their reputation is beyond repute.

      Tip: Use the coupon NOMORESCHOOL and you'll get domains at $8.81 instead of $9.69.
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          I moved all my domains over to namecheap. If they go down, I am in trouble, but .. the frustrations from godaddy and other companies .. are gone. So far, so good.

          I pay manually (some domains have auto renewal) over paypal. And you control the funds you move from paypal to namecheap. And new domains come wiht 1 year free whois, and then its like $7 for 5 whois protection pack or something like that.

          To be honest, I am at a point where I am no longer going to pay for whois protection. Gmail has become so good with its filter that I don't get spam anymore. And that's the only reason really I protected my domains with a WHOIS. Horrible sites like domaintools actually cache whois history, so even if you happen tnot have protection in the past, it's quite possible domaintools has it in their database, so it makes it useless anyway.


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            Do your research on domain name registrars first before choosing the one that you want to go with.
            When I went to choose mine I had a look at who I was with at the time. What deals they had and whether or not it was going to deal with my needs that I wanted them to do.

            I am going to be doing the same when I move my current one across to westnet which is my current ISP.

            I will probably be changing the domain slightly as well.

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              I have all my domains with namecheap since around 2000. Great support, and I'm happy with their service. I recommend them.


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                I have all my domains with namecheap as well. I like them. Never really had to deal with support. Easy-to-google-for-coupons help.
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                  Yep, I'd recommend Namecheap as well; mainly for the PayPal payment option. Otherwise, I'm fine with GoDaddy. The only complaint I have with GoDaddy is that their support is horrible. It takes over 12 hours to receive a response that doesn't even answer your question. Sometimes I wonder if I'm talking to a robot.


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                    Seems Namecheap is the most popular.
                    I'm with them as well.
                    Their support? I don't know, never needed.

                    vB5 is unequivocally the best forum software, but not yet...


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                      I would highly recommend fasthosts, thats where all my domains are hosted, they are setup within a matter of seconds, and the nameservers take literally minutes to populate.

             if your interested

                      User interface is brilliant, support is also very fast
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                        Been with eNom via for almost 10 years now. Have tried others when they have sales and discounts and always go back to eNom.
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                          My domains are with namecheap


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                            When i got my domain from snapnames 2 months later i transfered it to my favorite domain registrar.
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                              Sorry to bump, does anyone have any active namecheap coupons at the moment. going to be transferring a large number of domains today
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