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    I'm old enough to have watched DuckTales with my kids--excellent story telling and animation.
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      These were two of my favorites:


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          Originally posted by Alfa1 View Post
          You are replying to a spam bot.
          Where is there a spam bot?

          I think the following list contains most of what I watched growing up (not necessarily cartoons):
          • ReBoot
          • Wami on Miami (I was on that show 3 times )
          • Doug
          • Rocky and Bullwinkle
          • Power Rangers
          • Are you afraid of the dark?
          • Ren and Stimpy
          • ThunderCats
          • Real Adventures of Johnny Quest
          • Superfriends
          • Duck Tales
          • Ronin Warriors
          • G-Force
          • Tenchi Muyo!
          • Gundam Wing
          • Outlaw Star
          • The Big O
          • Samurai Jack
          • Tom & Jerry
          • Scooby Doo
          • Reading Rainbow
          • The Flintstones
          • Sesame Street
          • The Pink Panther Show
          • Pokemon

          I know there's more shows I can't remember right now, but I think that's a majority.
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            Cartoon: Heman (gotta love battlecat) / Speed Racer

            Mostly watched non cartoon kid shows like SpaceGiants and Spectorman
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              My 9 yr old son loves all of these older cartoons. He won't hardly watch any of the modern ones. of course we won't let him watch alot of them either. Too violent!

              Tom & Jerry, Scooby Doo, and Bullwinkle/Rocky are his favorites.
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                Doubtful anyone's heard of it, but one of my favourite cartoons when I was younger was The Hurricanes. It was kind of like Scooby Doo meets the Harlem Globetrotters, but with football/soccer. It only lasted a whopping 10 shows, but I loved it .

                (also best intro song EVER)

                Originally posted by Onimua View Post
                Killer Tofu!

                Also -- no Captain Planet fans?!?

                Retro editing to add -- Chip n Dale rescue rangers, TailSpin, Darkwing Duck and Duck Tales to the list
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                  Originally posted by Static-xbox View Post
                  Also -- no Captain Planet fans?!?
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                    Originally posted by Alfa1 View Post
                    You are replying to a spam bot.
                    Replying to a spam bot??? Are you in the correct thread???
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