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  • Palm Pre Smartphone

    So today was the official launch day for the Palm Pre. Did anyone here end up getting one?

    As a current Treo Pro user, I think I'll definitely be picking this up soon.

    Looks to be a really solid phone.

    Engadget Review: (Considering they are usually biased against Palm, I'm surprised they gave the Pre a positive review)

    Review index | Part 2: Synergy, phone, media, applications The hardware Industrial design In terms of basic industrial design, the Pre is stunning.
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    Guess you're moving to Sprint
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      Verizon is picking up The Pre.
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        Originally posted by 1996 328ti View Post
        Verizon is picking up The Pre.
        Exactly. Verizon and ATT will both have it as well, after the initial sprint exclusivity.
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          My contract is ironically over this month. I have an iPhone at the moment but I'll hold off to decide whether to get the new iPhone or the Pre. I certainly will be making my decision based on a couple of hours of playing around in my local phone store with both phones
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            Mah: iphone </fanboy> Why get secondbest?..


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              Looks nice but not willing to leave my current provider over a piece of hardware. The service I receive is more important than the hardware. Where I live, Sprint service is pretty awful so they aren't even a contender for service.

              Originally posted by Floris View Post
              Mah: iphone </fanboy> Why get secondbest?..
              From what I have been reading, Apple has some catch up to do to keep the iPhone on top. They are getting attacked by both the Pre and the Storm, both of which come from companies already embedded in millions of business user's pockets. The iPhone may have cornered the consumer market but really hasn't made large inroads where the real money is. My brother's company just ordered 25,000 Blackberry Storms for its sales reps. That is one order.
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                Yes, I am very disappointed by how Apple played the lock down game, though it's smart business. First generation (rich apparently) people feel forced to get the new generation and cycle every year or so.

                It is great that there are Android phones, Palm Pre and other phones that are matching up to the iPhone, and have a one up over them. But when I see those video's or play with the Android, etc. The quickly dead battery life, the not so snappy response time, the 'its just a pretty picture over a shell and not a operating system' kinda behavior. It's just almost there, just not there yet. It all also helps Apple to force their next version to catch up. Which ... is then no reason for me to buy the Palm Pre. Because I will have that functionality. I have no problem playing the waiting game. These are expensive devices and not so affordable monthly plans for crap service. like you said: service is important. I've seen the video of the browsing a site on the palm pre, vs my experience on the iphone, .. and just from the video it kinda feels like a joke. It's of course amazing it made such progress over whatever else is out there. It wont' be disappointing compared to that. But .. if it's not how it's done on the iphone, why choose for that? But hey, that's just me.


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                  Originally posted by Floris View Post
                  Mah: iphone </fanboy> Why get secondbest?..
                  I was not willing to go with ATT. When it was Cingular, they sucked in our area. I've been very happy with Verizon.
                  When it comes time to decide I will evaluate wants and needs. Do I want a Pre or do I need one?
                  There are a lot of things I want but don't necessarily need since I will be footing the bill.

                  Competition is good.
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                    Yeah, I am very happy that we're seeing competition.


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                      We'll see tomorrow when the new iPhone is announced if the pre may indeed be some serious competition.

                      I have a feeling the new iPhone's will please many of us
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                        sticking with my BB Storm...
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                          I picked up a Pre on Saturday. It is quite a cool device with a lot of potential. The device is well built and sturdy (and small enough to comfortably fit in my pocket; the iPhone was a bit chunky). WebOS is responsive as well as great looking. The touch screen controls are very intuitive and well thought out.

                          As far as applications go, the app store does not have much in it right now (just a dozen or so applications I would say), but that is because of Palm's reluctance to release the Mojo SDK to the public. Some of the applications are quite useful (Fandango, Pandora, applications similar to UrbanSpoon, etc)--while others are sort of broken or a waste.

                          The device itself focuses on the concept of cloud computing, which is what webOS is built upon (Mojo SDK allows you to use html, css, and javascript/ajax to build applications, so this is no surprise). It took just a few clicks to sync my facebook and gmail accounts using synergy. However, the OS needs to be updated to allow for syncing from Outlook or a computer based medium--as this is critical for many business users.

                          Disappointments include the well documented 8gb of storage with no upgrade slots. The battery life has also been a cause for concern in reviews, but so far so good on that front (for the most part). Synergy, although brilliant, has a couple funky problems, including that when I synced my facebook account, it moved every one of my facebook friends into my contacts. This would be fine, but it moved everyone with a birthday listed (not a phone number, per se), which is sort of annoying.

                          Overall a great phone. If Sprint has good service in your area, it is a good buy. I am looking forward to the SDK release so I can start playing around with it (and hopefully others will start releasing applications too).


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                            *wakes up* 9 am, gmt +2

                            IT IS MONDAY

                            Windows users, please go to work and spend hours syncing your mobile devices to get to your spreadsheets. While listening to your Zune and squirt songs to your other Zune customer.

                            TODAY IS FANBOY DAY, in other words: Convert, or GTFO

                            *puts on his steve jobs tshirt and boots all his... nm, they are of course already booted up, since like.. FOREEEEVER*

                            # starts the music #

                            Woops, sorry .. didn't mean to take over the thread For some weird reason I always get excited for a keynote presentation that's not a sweaty guy shouting developers developers developers hehe. Continue as you were.


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                              Palm Pre Smartphone
                              Lol, judging by the threads title, i almost reported the message as spam thought it was one lol.

                              Jut a random internet person.

                              A message to all illegal users!


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