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PC vs MAC - what did YOU choose and why?

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    Originally posted by Quillz View Post
    I run Windows 7 on Apple hardware.
    The funny thing is, one could simply build a PC using an Intel processor, nVidia graphics card, and the like for a HUGE fraction of the cost and run Mac OSX with a vanilla kernel with absolutely NO modifications. You can honestly buy OSX retail and install it as long as you pay attention to what you're putting into your computer.

    All of that mentioned above can be built at a huge fraction of cost of a Mac. The Mac hardware is not worth the extra cost. And the reason that macs run so perfectly is moreover that the OS is built to work on a select array of hardware versus sporadic or otherwise unpredictable hardware combinations on a PC.

    I like Apple's product design guidelines and Cocoa--I think that really helps clean up and standardize interfaces. But I do not see the worth in paying more for the same hardware.


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      Ive always used Windows XP Pro, ive rarely had any problems with it (Apart from bug errors, and viruses)

      I dont know anything about MAC, OSX, or any Linux type of operating system, so i never use a piece of computer kit unless i know about it and how it works, and like the pro's and con's of using one instead of the other, its safer for me that way.

      If someone could tell me about the Linux/MACs and etc. i would be very grateful. as i wanna switch to something other than XP.
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        The funny thing is, one could simply build a PC using an Intel processor, nVidia graphics card, and the like for a HUGE fraction of the cost
        However a Mac (from my use anyway) runs Windows a fair bit smoother than most similar spec computers because they supply some decent drivers. Though I imagine that's improved since I last made the effort to do a comparison.

        Though as a current Mac user I'm certainly looking at a normal PC next time as OS X doesn't add enough value for me to justify the increased cost and the difficulty to upgrade.
        - TomJames


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          What I don't like about Macs is how you get sucked into this sense of "being part of the Mac community"; it's something the controversial Maddox himself said. They say Macs can do creative stuff better, but look at me! I've got Photoshop, AfterEffects and Premiere Pro on a PC.

          I can do pretty-much everything a Mac can do, and at the same time I'm running the much hated Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit, which I haven't actually found any reason to hate, nor have I had any problems with it. I've had more failed Hard Disks than serious computer crashes.

          In the end, I don't see why I should shell-out £1,200+ on a Mac that has several limitations of it's own, when I can rebuild my computer for under half the price.
          -- David.

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            I've got both, for all my dev work I use my win xp notebook (hooked up to a nice widescreen monitor) and in my living room I've got a nice 13" macbook.

            The macbook is perfect for getting online and browsing, the thing turns on the second you open it like magic!


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              I only wear my MAC when it's raining out.


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