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  • Film recommendations wanted

    Hey all!

    I'm going to be going shopping for some new DVDs later this week - getting fed up watching the same ones over and over again!

    I like pretty much anything, except chick flicks, but I'm stumped as to what to get.

    What have you watched recently (or maybe not so recently) that is good and worth getting on DVD?

    I watch on average 4-5 DVDs a day (yeah loads I know - but I always have one on the computer while I'm working) so I will be looking for things that have the 'can watch again' factor as I get through my entire collection in about 4 or 5 weeks. Things that come in box sets are good, as are things like tv series.

    I have all the 24, lost, NCIS, 4400, Lewis, Friends, Vicar of Dibley, James Bond, Nip/Tuck, and most of South Park already - so please don't suggest them! I keep thinking about getting all of CSI: Miami or CSI: New York, but they are only have a series in a box set so it starts to get a bit pricy!

    Finally, it does need to be things that are released over here in the UK. Things that have only been released in the US are not really any use to me.

    Open to suggestions, so fire away!

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    I liked Slumdog Millionaire, Changeling
    Not too many movies that I'd consider recommeding have come out lately.


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      Those sound good. I remember seeing a trailer for Changling and thinking that it looked good. Thanks


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        I know you are looking at DVD's that you can watch but how about ditching them and getting Paytv instead.

        Grease is good to watch btw, but you probably have already seen it heaps.
        Any of the Robin Williams movies are funny. Fawlty Towers is funny as well.

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          Yeah I love faulty towers - watching it again at the moment!

          I do have the skyplayer thing where I can download and watch stuff from my satellite provider, but it doesn't work on a mac and its a pita to use since they changed it and the minimum system requirements now vastly exceed the setup of my extremely old windows machine. I use some of the tv channels online on demand services too for things that I like to watch on tv (NCIS, CSI, Numbers, etc).


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            Red Dwarf!
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              Gotta admit, that CSI is good, they got quite a few series of that, so i would recommend that (And the PC games)

              But if you really wanna watch something good, i would recommend the new series of Bionic Woman (Michelle Ryan, 2007) i recently grabbed the box set from ebay, and im addicted to it lol.

              You can get a trailer of it here:

              Either that, or the "Underworld" films are amazing, got the full collection here, and thats also something i myself watch frequently, cant wait until the new one is released this year.
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                I might just treat myself to some CSI if they are not stupidly expensive. I think they are due to be in the sales about now, so if they are then they are on the shopping list.


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                  Twilight.. must buy. I love it.


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                    That sounds good too

                    Getting some good ideas here - keep them coming!


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                      Originally posted by hitmancode47 View Post
                      Gotta admit, that CSI is good, they got quite a few series of that, so i would recommend that (And the PC games)
                      The CSI: NY game is horrible.

                      If you're into real comedy unlike the crap they have out today watch Love and Death. I doubt you'll be find it since it is from 1975.

                      If you are looking for TV series there's Cold Case, Law and Order: CI/SVU, House, Criminal Minds


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                        Planet Earth by the BBC


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                          May be I'm so late, but... Prison Break?


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                            Scrubs is always good, Burn notice but im not sure if its out on DVD yet anywhere.


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                              You can see new television shows from U.S. Fox channels there the day they air here. Bones, House, Dollhouse. They also have a show called "Legend of the Seeker" which is in the genre of Xena and Hercules. Quite a few other shows have sporadic episodes. They offer full-length movies as well so you can watch those. Not a huge variety of movies at the moment but it changes from time to time.

                              The only drawback is that there are commercials but its not overwhelming like broadcast television. Usually only 4-5 commercials with each being about 30 seconds.
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