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  • Show off your desktops!

    I dont know if this was posted before, but I searched and didnt find any relative threads. If it was my bad.

    Anyway I like seeing other ppls desktop. Its interesting to see how ppl work, what Icons or backrounds they use. I've gotten a lot of cool icons and backrounds/utils by asking what ppl are using when they show off their desktops, so I hope everyone here posts their own.

    I realize not everyone is on cable or runs at 1600x1200 like me etc, so how about shots are scaled down to 640x480 or lower etc, and instead you can link the full scale image? Thats how I've always done it. I'll start:

    1600x1200 version HERE

    I got the backround from although I must say Im not too much a fan of wallpapers where the artist puts his own picture in all of em. I dont know, just seems lame to me somehow. But the colors and simplicity are great.

    The icons I got mostly from custo, wincusto, and from my own collection I've gotten over the years. Im still looking for more icons that you see on my desktop so if ppl can suggest more like that please do (I've got all copland btw).

    As for all that crap on the taskbar, hell if I can run a 1600x1200 on my Sony G400 I wanna exploit as much real estate as possible. Its an effect when you run at 1024x768 on a 15" for 5 years and all the sudden you get a big ass monitor.
    gallery: here

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    I call mine, "Ode To Stock Simplicity" .

    The background is a photo of the luckiest man on the planet standing with his wonderful girlfriend.

    The icons I got from a CD-ROM called "Windows 2000 Professional" - it had some really cutting edge and avante gard styles on it!

    The stuff on the taskbar, is well, non-existent . If it's not a task, why do I want to see it? And then there are tray icons - my nemesis. Does anyone know how to remove Zone Alarm's tray icon? That's the only one that still stands in the way of my total tray icon zen .



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      Mr. X what icons are you using? i'd be interested in snagging those .

      and here is mine. i run 1028 x 768 but i sized it down. Wallpaper from .

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        The others I got mostly from

        If it's not a task, why do I want to see it?
        Man I love that quicklaunch deal. Its a Linux thing for me sorta. Man I'd love to have a Gnome bar for W2K if MS would put it in, not some 3rd party util .

        Still, I cant live without that quicklaunch. I mean I just cant point, scroll and click on the program in the menu. Thats just too many clicks for me. I can excercise in the gym, I dont need a total body workout on my system.
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        gallery: here


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          my mac desktop is cluttered like crazy. my pc desktop is similar to jim's.... simple


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              nothing special here, too

              I use mostly w2k vanilla style:

              My testing system runs Windows XP RTM with the silver luna style, somewhat too smartie-like imo.

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                [Jake mode]
                Me likes JimF's desktop best, it's so friendly.
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                  My humble desktop...

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                    My "work" computer - I hate backgrounds btw.
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                      Do I see vB 2.0.4 there?


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                        Yes but I just increment the version number of the code after a release so it has been called that since we released v2.0.3

                        More significant would be the 4th object that you can't see, hence the scroll bar but I can't get into that one.


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                          And I suppose you won't share what the 4th object is?


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                            You're such a tease!
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                              Get back to showing Desktops..


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