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Is this web design course any good?

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  • Is this web design course any good?

    I want to change my career working as a Lab rat and was wondering if anyone could tell me if this course would be beneficial or is it a waste of time and money ?
    If anyone can point me in a better direction that would be cool, also money is no object!


    **Edit, doh! would help if I posted the link.
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    Um, which course?


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      first post updated!


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        Looks to be very basic from the outline provided. You could probably find something similar locally that would be less expensive.
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          Try some of the starter books from sitepoint. I think you will end up learning just as much from it, if not more than that course you linked.
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            I agree and think you would learn more from a book and a test server. Personally I think its something you can't teach, but have to plow through in order to understand. Good luck!
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              If you're looking to learn remotely, and you want a qualification at the end of, the Open University might be a good bet.

              (Though as many people have said, it's often easier to learn this sorta thing yourself.)
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                I have a cousin who took a few Web Design courses (3 in total) a number of years ago now. To get the certificates to try and get a job in the field of Web Design.

                I can't speak for others who have done these type of courses, but the courses he did from what he told me at the time where very basic stuff indeed. Even after getting 3 certificates from 3 separate courses (one after the other). What he knew was childs stuff, and never got a job from them.

                Personally, I don't think you can do a few courses and expect to be an expert web designer just like that. Most certantly not the kind of standard a company would expect working on a site for them.
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                  Originally posted by Reeve of Shinra View Post
                  Try some of the starter books from sitepoint. I think you will end up learning just as much from it, if not more than that course you linked.
                  Sitepoint has some awesome books (and authors), so I'm siding with Shinra on this.

                  I find it funny that link mentions about jobs earning up to 40k quid, only to have an asterisk that points to a section not even visible in the slide that says "according to some site".

                  The best way to learn is take apart others work, change things, add things, and see what the results come out to be. Of course this is subjective, but by seeing what your changes do to affect the outcome, you learn a bit more in the process.

                  If you use Firefox, I would advise getting the WebDeveloper addon. It allows you to edit HTML, CSS on the fly and show the results right away (along with a host of other options).


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