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Firefox always crashes

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  • Computer Chat Firefox always crashes

    I always have my Firefox crashes multipe times everyday. Any one having the same issue? Or knows about the reasons?

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    Disable all plugins and try it again.
    That's the end of that!


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      Do you mean I remove all addons?


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        No, you disable (deactivate) them - that's enough.

        If the error is gone you have a faulty add-on - that's mostly the reason for crashes.
        That's the end of that!


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          Stable Firefox or an other build?

          Stable - a addon can crash your browser
          Last build - the browser itself can crash

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            Remove it completely. make sure you have no remain files in the following directories:
            C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
            C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data
            C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings

            The same for all users:
            C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data
            C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Local Settings

            And then install it again.

            Off-topic: I'm studying English grammar nowadays. When you complain about something bad that happens more often, you may say: Firefox is always crashing!

            Like: Oh, I'm always loosing my keys!
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              No just disable the add ons.

              Right click on the refresh button and go through the add ons.

              if that doesn't work You might have to upgrade

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                Yes, I have addons installed. I don't want to disable/remove them as I need them. I'm using the last version of FF.

                It usually crashes when I have alot of tabs opened.


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                  Don't have that problem myself, unless a lot of tabs have flash stuff in them.


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                    I've found FireFox randomly crashes quite often (once or twice a day) but at least it restores them when FireFox is restarted.
                    - TomJames


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                      Originally posted by TomJames View Post
                      I've found FireFox randomly crashes quite often (once or twice a day) but at least it restores them when FireFox is restarted.
                      I leave Firefox running for days and even weeks at a time without any crashes. You do have to close any tabs that contain Flash and are not being used though. There is still a long standing and known memory leak when you have Flash running inside a Firefox tab.
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