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IPB terms dictate they get %-age of profits?

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  • IPB terms dictate they get %-age of profits?

    My apologies, I realize this isn't the place to be asking this but I have never signed up at the IPB forums.

    I have recently seen the many new features that are coming to IPB3 and am starting to consider "possibly" using them for a future project. I do have one concern as I recall reading somewhere long ago that their terms of use dictate that if you sell your site they will get a percentage of the final sale price (something like 30% IIRC). Does anyone know if this was/is true that can produce the terms that state this? Thanks.

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    I've had an IPB license for years and I have never read or heard of this. Likely it was just FUD being spread.


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      That seems highly unlikely, when I've used them in the past I never saw anything to that effect. Perhaps that applies if you use their hosting service? I recommend checking on their forums, please let me know what the result is. I've been quite interested in getting a new license from them (once v3 is out).
      - TomJames


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        IPB does not own your site, your content, etc. The only thing you buy is a license, which grants you permission to use their software on a site somewhere. If you sell your site you might need to transfer the license between old to new party, but that is something you have to check with IPS, nothing we can help you with on that one. Worst case scenario you tell the person you sell the site to that it comes without the IPS license. And they just have to buy a new one (or vBulletin, and use impex to import from IPB to vB).

        30% profit for selling a site they don't own .. sounds like pure nonsense.

        It's a sales question for IPS, not Jelsoft. Thread closed.


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