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what was your most scaryest moments

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  • what was your most scaryest moments

    it can be anything

    ghost sighting

    ok ill tell you a story'

    when i want to exmouth up the top of western aust
    we stayed in a small hut thing and it was next to an old abandoned barracks that dated back to ww1 and that night i couldnt
    sleep cuz the wind was scaring the **** out of me
    and i looked out towards the barracks and i saw 10 army
    persons in formation and a leader was at the front
    and looked very close at them and seen that thay were
    see through.
    i shat my dacks and i closed my blinds and when i took a look
    again there wer gorn i was thinking holy **** was i seeing ****
    but i wasnt i thinked to myself that there wer ghosts

    and thats my one of them

    but there more badder ones

    any more people who wanna tell a tale

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    listening to my mothers heart beat while i was in her tummy..
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      Learning how my mother created me.. (Must be 18 years or older to do that)
      Jut a random internet person.

      A message to all illegal users!


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        When I rode my motorcycle off the road and continued through a curve in the side-road ditch


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          Happened just the other night.

          The mother in law's car stalled out on the interstate. After work we went drove to get her car. It started but would stall out after about 500 feet of driving. We got the car off the interstate but stalled on the over pass. I had my wife push the car with our car off the overpass.

          Since this road we left the car on is busy, we had to move it.. I told her there is a little gas station about 2 miles from here. We'll push the car with our car and let it sit there for the night and come and tow it in the morning.

          We start pushing the car with my car and I miss the road we needed to turn on. Told my wife that We'll have do a tight turn across the hwy. So we start pushing the car. My wife stops pushing the car, backs her car up to get a better angle. But.... the car I am in is in the middle of the hwy.

          Next thing I see is headlight coming. Now the about 300 feet from my car the hwy has a curve. I yell out the window to my wife to just smash it. It didn't look like this car was going to stop so I jump out of the car. The oncoming car was able to stop and we got the car out of the intersection...

          Scared the you know what out of me...


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            Was in Dubai riding in the sand dunes on a big quad bike. Rode top speed over a sand dune and went flying in the air with the bike when I went over the peak. And started tilting in mid air, luckily when it hit the ground i put all my force on my right leg to push the bike stable otherwise it would have crushed me on the weight of the bike. Tore my leg muscle slightly which hurt like mad, but then I got off easy considering


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