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    This is why i play Perfect World.


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      Originally posted by Vile View Post
      So far, yes it is good, but the "real" game starts at 80, so I'll let you know then

      Blizzard did a much better job with the release of WotLK compared to TBC. All things considered, the launch went very well with few problems, and the lag is not nearly as bad as I expected it to be in the starting areas.

      No siege PvP yet either, that should come later on when others hit 80 and the BGs open up for it, iirc.

      As for grinding, the quests are actually pretty fun, and if you're into the lore, the overall story with the Lich King is fairly interesting, so questing/leveling isn't so bad.
      Oh I don't like instance raiding too hardcore and bound to create arguements for me...

      No kill 30 mobs quests?

      Guess I'll just drop the MMOs for now and play my Team Fortress 2, Dreamfall, Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed. And after that (in 6 months I'm guessing) the Fallout series. By then I'm also guessing Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 may be out.
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        Ohh, how well do you run Wow under Ubuntu? After getting fglrx to work (ati user, here), WoW/WC3/Steam games haven't been running the best. Sigh, if only Valve and Blizzard released native Linux clients, I'd be so much happier.

        ANYWAY, my friend had a queue of about 1,200 or so people. I actually didn't have to wait for anyone... well, except for the servers for like a day while they did their usual Tuesday thing, but~

        DK looks pretty fun as well. I just think there are a bit too many right now. I can understand everybody wanting to try it out, but it seems it's like, "oh, hey, I think I should try out DK... on every character of mine".

        The good thing is that now everybody is busy in other spots, I can level a bunch of my lower levels without getting ganked, or look for rare drops or the like. (HA! Two white kittens in 3 days, I'll get one for each char* yet!)

        *char > toon, because toon is just the stupidest thing to call your character.


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          Originally posted by Chousho View Post
          *char > toon, because toon is just the stupidest thing to call your character.
          char > alt > toon

          a guildie didn't know what I meant by char one time.
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            I'm on the same server as you and I have this problem.


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              Originally posted by Dream View Post
              So, is WotLK any good?

              I can't believe I'm asking this

              More of the same grinding? Siege PvP any good?
              Never played Warhammer as I am not interested in Realm vs. Realm PvP and that is its main focus. I enjoy the PvE game more. I haven't been in a battleground since they implemented cross-realm battlegrounds in WoW unless we had a full team queuing.

              Most of the people that I know who have left for Warhammer are back playing WoW with the new expansion. They say Warhammer was a suitable distraction while the last expac stagnated but it isn't a replacement for WoW overall.

              As far as siege PvP... that is in the Wintergrasp zone which is like a huge battleground. The only way in is through flight or a portal from your faction's quarter in Dalaran. At least as much as I was able to find in the beta. This means mostly level 74 and above for this. You can probably be summoned earlier but with 80s showing up in greater and greater numbers, it will be difficult to progress at lower levels.
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