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  • Info Needed - Image Link

    Please move if in the wrong section.

    We have a new member who is posting a small image (1 x 1 pixel) in their posts with a link. Is this link something to worry about as this is the first time on our site that we have seen this. And if it is are there ways of stopping this but still allow members to post images?


    - http://q08e1020mioa127.dynamicnaviga...rk/tracker.gif

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    You could ban him.


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      add the word dynamicnavigator to the censor list. Or use a replacement variable for that image. I would not allow people to do that on my forum.


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        I know we can ban the member but just want to understand why and what it is they are trying to accomplish. The image doesn't show in the post, only reason we spotted it was when checking the posts they had made by 'find all posts by user" then you see the link.

        Good idea for adding the dynamicnavigator to the censor list, thanks.


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          Who knows.

          You can tell the web server that .gif is actually a .php file
          It can then record as much data, or steal a cookie perhaps (if even possible), or inject a cookie (cookiestuffing) or just try to identify users viewing the post, or where the most traffic is coming from (great for spamming ads at later stage).

          They have full control over the remote image probably and therefor can use it for whatever they want. I don't know their intentions. I just know I've blocked that URL in my browser as a precaution.


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            I know exactly were Floris is coming from with this one. I've read about this method being used years ago. Just like he describes above. It's a very crafty trick!

            I would ban the user and remove all his posts to be on the safe side if it was me.

            There is no valid reason why he should be posting 1 pixel images, other than to do as Floris said later on. Looks like you caught him out anyway
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