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    I have to second that, the more choices the better.
    I too found this via UBB, and I think it's to their credit they did'nt stifle or remove the postings relating to the development of this alternative.
    I will probably be using Vbulletin as it suits my php/mysql architecture. However I have used NT extensively also, and that is one large market, especially for off the shelf solutions.
    let's not get religous over choices of style or OS, it's just silly.

    my 2 cents,



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      That may be fine for you, but that does not change the fact that this message posted was spam!

      And also keep in mind, the developers of VB did not go post it over at UBB, so your points may be mistaken.
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        I have left this thread because I think people should be able to see all the possibilities before making a choice. I am not able to access the web address above as it is blocked by the company's web filter as 'Adult Entertainment'. I will look later when I get back to free access to the net.

        However, as the moderators at Infopop said about postings about vBulletin before deleting many of the references to vBulletin, it is bad form to post blatant adverts for your products on other people's support forums.

        Is cool boards a hosted option? If so, it is exactly what many of the users here are trying to get away from. Otherwise, they would all be on ezboard. And there is no reason why you cannot use PHP and MySQL under Windows NT - especially since PHP 4 can now operate as an ISAPI module.

        I will review this thread later when on free internet access.

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        John Percival

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          hm... I must say, threaded is very confusing, really not better

          The board doesn't look bad though, but NT only? baaaad choise.
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            well thanks for keeping the thread, John. You are right to state that there should be a place for comparison where the end user is able to make a qualified choice.

            hell, if we all did and made the same thing - it would be terribly boring!

            As to options, again I shall re-iterate that different people have different demands.

            - some like flat
            - some like threaded
            - some like hosting
            - some like open source
            - some like cheap license
            - some want it to run on a different server
            - etc etc

            if you can deliver a product that is able to satisfy most, if not all of these different conditions or requirements and more, then I see that as being very good.

            cMB will try to achieve that, although it will take time and the current board is being developed through the very first stage. I'm sure that vB will also move to support other systems and probably add new features based upon other boards. *modified due to typo*

            [Edited by cheeky on 04-27-2000 at 09:36 PM]


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              denial of service


              thanks for pointing out that my server is blocked as "Adult Entertainment" - In 18 months with my hosting company, I never realised that I was categorized with that description, it's probably due to the fact that my server contains v.i.p celebrity web sites, also.

              this categorization may prevent some users from accessing my other "kiddie" sites preventing fair global access - I never realised this. thanks.
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                I'll test it


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                  I told everyone that I would ressurect an old thread.hmm this one's from 2000..eheh are you still looking for testers?? Maybe I'll email you


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                    LOL, how did I guess that you would have replied to this one?
                    - Andrew Pfeifer


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                      Originally posted by Prolex
                      I told everyone that I would ressurect an old thread.hmm this one's from 2000..eheh are you still looking for testers?? Maybe I'll email you
                      To be honest ressurecting old threads is more than a little annoying especially when done for no purpose. Please don't do it again.
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                        *closes thread*


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                          Wow - how'd you do that?
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