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Thread moderation by it's author?

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  • Thread moderation by it's author?

    In your Blog Plugin: An author can be given permissions to delete comments written on their blog.
    Can the same thing be done in the main forum? ...allow users to delete all posts in their own threads.

    I don't have a vBulletin forum myself, nor am I a moderator either.
    Our forum's owner has chosen not to install the blog option yet.
    Currently our forum users, such as myself are permitted to edit and delete our posts.
    Recently two of my threads, years in the making, were vandalised with several pages of obnoxious babble which effectively rendered them useless as all context and continuity had been rudely defiled.

    Rather than seek favouritism or revenge; I came up with the idea of allowing a threads Author to also be able to delete another users posts within his/her own threads. They become the threads Moderator.
    However I don't wish to suggest the idea on our forum if it can't be done... So can it?
    I've been reading the vbulletin manual but I can't find the answer.

    It seems to me that, if permitted, this would then encourage forum members to be more responsible and contribute better quality content with more time and effort; thus it would discourage flaming.
    If vilified people wished to start their own thread to whinge that their post had been deleted then they could... so everything would even itself out and be fair across the board.
    Ideally; users still wouldn't have any knowledge about or access to the moderator control panel.
    Instead they would have a edit/delete button for every post in their threads just as they themselves already do with their own posts (if that permission has been allowed).
    Yet maybe they/we shouldn't be able to edit other peoples posts willy-nilly... only to delete them.
    Likewise maybe the function should only operate in certain "serious" forum sections like a closed sticky.

    If this currently can't be done then it should become an option in the next version.
    Also, our vbcode options are limited such as [wrap] doesn't appear in the list, nor will it work if applied.
    Is this a setting's issue or is something missing in this/our particular version 3.6.8.
    Is their an easy way that I can substitute actual vb or other code instead, akin to the way I already do with hex colours?

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    Also, our vbcode options are limited such as [wrap] doesn't appear in the list, nor will it work if applied.
    Is this a setting's issue or is something missing in this/our particular version 3.6.8.
    This implies you're running 3.6

    To get vB support on these forums you first need to be a licensed customer and register for Priority Forum Support. To do this, please go here:

    ...and enter your email address in one of the boxes. You'll need to have your customer number and password to access the page.

    Once you've done this, please post in the appropriate support forum for your version.


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      It seems that "Chris Stewart" has just asked the same question here
      Unfortunately I am unable to post in his thread to show him this one.

      To re-iterate; If enabled, this setting would allow (in a designated section of the main forum) a forum to effectively become a Thread-Blog for that member who begins/author's a thread (in that section).

      The intention with my homesite thread (which was stamped out) was to periodically quote certain Economics Professors; such as Roubini, Stiglitz and Hudson: It was meant primarily as a News thread:
      So it would ideally contain very little personal preponderance of facts, speculation, gossip or innuendo.
      This was to be a News~thread~blog. Unfortunately bigots will be bigots... adamant about their apathy.

      My motive on this site was to suggest this for other forums/sites, as much as with the one I frequent.
      My username will be recognised; yet I had intended to keep this as private as a public forum can be.
      My question that "Floris" chose to answer, by not answering, was incidental and fairly insignificant.
      Whilst I accept that he is obligated to serve his paying customers and reject the impostor/competitors;
      I am a customer of his customer, a voluntary participant and I could indeed become a potential seed.
      It's not my intention to discredit him or to embarrass/disrespect my own homesite. It's progress I seek.

      Narcissism is all to rampant in our selfish society: Those few still generous are increasingly despondent.
      On this mother site: It's ironic that forum owners can become as contrite as their own forum posters.
      I didn't expect an "official" response anyway. A member's yes/no and page reference would do kindly.

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        Before posting again, please read my post in this thread.


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