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Stickies. How much is too much?

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  • Stickies. How much is too much?

    So, I'm a member on a car site, which I won't name for no particular reason.

    Anyways, in OT section, they're running 15 stickies. I'm on a 1600 x 1200 resolution, which means I see all 15 stickies, and then waaaaaaay down at the bottom, 1 actual post. I feel sorry for those running 1240 x 860, or 800 x 600, they can't see ANY of the normal, un-stickied posts.

    How many do you think is too many?

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    Personal preference really. I believe the value of the Sticky is lost if you have more than 3-5 per forum though. Choose your stickies wisely and remove out of date ones.
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      More than one is too much imo :lol:
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        I would agree with Wayne.

        15 is in my opinion way too much. But I think, "normal" people with a resolution like 1280x1024 (which is the majority of my visitors) should see few normal threads. I'm sure some people can also be scared by too many "important" threads as they fear they _have_ to read them...

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          A lot of forum owners forget that they can use a) sticky, b) announcement, c) notice.

          Some stickies are temporary, a user only has to read it once or twice in their life, this would be a nice notice, for example .. "you have made 0 posts, how about you contribute" .. once they posts that one disappears.

          Some stickies show up in all the forums, adding more and more about rules and do's and dont's .. I think a single announcement covering the forum rules can cover all forums in 1 go.

          Other stickies can probably be merged together or basically say the same thing. An admin should do that keep the amount of stickies low. People won't read them anyway ... that much. They will see them, perhaps read the title, some will click through to the content. Majority is NOT going to read 15 stickies obviously. They're there for the community, the content of the site. Not for policing forces telling them what to do.

          In their case I would just have 1 sticky in the top for that particular forum rules, another sticky with important information, please read! And this sticky points to the other threads with a quick summery. And then unstick the other 14 stickies. This way they can still be found.

          I think under 5 stickies per forum is more than enough. Over is overkill.


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            Some boards that I go to do "combo stickies." They'll have maybe 4-5 stickies at once, then create a new thread that puts all the prior stickies in them, to keep things looking clean.


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              Agreed, no more than 5, preferably 1-2. I've definitely seen too many sites that abuse them, and after a certain point no one will pay attention to any of them.

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                Imo depends of board script
                1-2 is good for vBulletin


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                  4/5 max I'd say. 2/3 is ideal.

                  As a user I hate forums with 10 million stickies. I only read them if there aren't that many.


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                    Originally posted by Quillz View Post
                    Some boards that I go to do "combo stickies." They'll have maybe 4-5 stickies at once, then create a new thread that puts all the prior stickies in them, to keep things looking clean.
                    I was going to suggest something similar.

                    Honestly, there's no reason to have more than one sticky. That thread should contain links to any other threads that the user should read. That way you don't clutter the valuable space above the fold with information that's practically useless after the first read (if even).

                    Keep the fresh content on top, keep users interested.


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                      I tend not to have stickys on my forums, I always post important messages in specific forums.

                      Or.. if it's really important I may run a sticky for a weed then unstick it.


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                        Originally posted by Razasharp View Post
                        More than one is too much imo :lol:
                        I agree with you. I think it makes a forum look amateur if they have so many stickies that you have to scroll down below the fold to see the non-sticky messages


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                          The most i have is 4 in a private forum. In a public forum the most is 3.
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