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Can a vbulletin staff validate my forum.

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  • Can a vbulletin staff validate my forum.

    some person just keeps believing that my forum is not legit.

    i need proof that its legit.

    link -

    going to update to vbulletin 3.7.3 patch 1 soon.

    i have a license and have access to members area and my domain is under the license also.

    i need a personnel to prove and state here that im not using a nulled copy.

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    Call the bluff of the person who doesn't believe you. Tell them to fill out the piracy form at


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      Give him your license number, and ask him to email to and have him verify the license number, and that it points to that web site.

      Don't give him the customer number, or any passwords. Just the license number.


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        Or just tell him to screw off. I mean, really, it's harsh, but it's neither his business nor his problem whether your legit or not.


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          Well it wouldn't make much of a difference now...his hosting has been suspended.
          But honestly...
          I would say this
          It's not your board, it's not your responsibility to check pirated licenses, it's not your problem, if you feel we're using illegal software, report us. Nothing will happen.


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            maybe he wasn't as valid as he thought...


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              Yeah. It was either that, or...

              His hosting hated him. That would be awesome.

              Remember kiddies. Piracy is bad. Every time someone downloads a pirated copy of vBulletin, a piece of Antarctica breaks off and raises the Ocean Water Level by 4 feet. [/false statstic]

              And yes, I know. I'm probably the least sane person on the board.


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                Nobody in this thread has to worry bout the site being licensed or not, or make assumptions. We've informed the customer with instructions he can relay to the person who's doubting him.


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