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    Originally posted by legionofangels2 View Post
    The error seems to be in the fact that instead of it showing the posts, it's actually just creating a URL that relays to "new posts" of the whole forum. Completely ignoring the ID's, and it's as if you're pasting the New Posts button from the navbar onto the front page, instead of displaying the 10 latest posts made in those sections.

    <a href="forum/search.php?do=getnew">Latest Active Threads</a>
    It's as if that line of code is just turning into a URL hyperlink or something.
    You probably don't want to restrict it to particular forums to have a consistent display if the latest threads aren't in that forum you can get an empty array.
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      Originally posted by Tact View Post
      EDIT: plz disregard. while working with legion, i think he was giving me the wrong forum id's. -_- sorry
      Yeah, we don't really get along much.

      I didn't give you the wrong id's I gave you the cat ID not knowing until I asked Floris whether it would work for that whole section or whether it needed the specific forums.

      Originally posted by Wayne Luke View Post
      You probably don't want to restrict it to particular forums to have a consistent display if the latest threads aren't in that forum you can get an empty array.
      Indeed. Since we found out this is doing exactly what an RSS feed does. It looks for the latest NEW THREADS, which is indeed, what that customization said. The problem is that most people want to see threads with new posts rather than just the latest threads that have been made. To resolve the issue and still use this customization all you have to do is go vbOptions and External Data Provider and increase the Thread Cut Off Date or whatever. Which I did and it will work for all of them, that we need to code.

      But still, that wasn't what we were originally looking for, latest posts is better since it shows ongoing conversations, and that is more interesting to view as it includes New Threads at the same time, and yet shows conversations/discussions of interest that are continually getting new posts.

      So basically it's a code that can work for us, but a better version would be latest posts rather than latest threads.

      Thank you again Wayne,

      Legion of Angels


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        I see we have the option to choose forum id's,

        is there anyway however to be able to do the opposite with your code, or to just "exclude" a certain set of forums, and have it consider all the non-excluded's as forums to grab from.

        They use this:

        PHP Code:
        // use one or the other, not both. if left blank the script will return threads from any forum 
        $fid_raw ""// ONLY include threads from these forums. seperate each ID with a comma 
        $fidx_raw ""// Exclude threads from these forum. seperate each ID with a comma 
        From this mod:

        However we currently can't use multiple uses of there code on the same page, unlike we can with your modification.

        So is there a line we can use or modification of this line:

        <script type="text/javascript" src="external.php?forumids=95,96,97,98&type=js"></script>

        Which will allow us to exclude certain forum id's, rather than include?

        Thanks again,



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          Looking through external.php, it doesn't seem like there is.


          widgetinstance 262 (Related Topics) skipped due to lack of content & hide_module_if_empty option.