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  • Computer Chat Ie8...

    "Behind the scenes, developers have made the browser more compliant with software standards, so that pages in IE8 will look the same as in any other browser."

    oh really... so before you had to design one page for normal people and then again for IE-whatever... always been my story usually, you design away and it looks fab in FFX, Opera etc... then comes the disheartening (oh god most of the world uses it) IE death throws... of course you think it's your fault...

    Thanks IE thanks very very much...

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    I am really impressed with beta 2. Its so cool how now instead of you having to restart IE when it freezes, it simply has to restart the tab (and loads it to the exact place you where at in less than a second).

    The changes to the find feature are very good and I like the one click adding to fav bar - very useful!

    More info about IE8 and it's features here:

    The browser also seems to load pages MUCH faster and also works faster with functions like editing posts on vB, Gmail etc.

    Performance wise, the browser is very fast in general now too.


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      I just installed Beta 2, and it's very nice. I think the IE team is really trying to get IE8 up there with Opera 9 and Firefox 3. I think it's going to be much better than Safari when it comes to using the default, built-in OS web browsers. Using IE doesn't seem like a chore anymore.


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        IE8 is absolutely fantastic, since installing it I've hardly used Opera. The reloading of tabs when something freezes is really useful, one of the best features in my opinion, and of course the speed is vastly improved.
        - TomJames


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          I'm not going to install it just yet, as I don't like installing beta software unless necessary. From what i've read on the IEBlog however, it's nice to see they're "catching up"
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            It's great, wonderful privacy feature etc.
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              CNET have even given IE8 beta 2 a good review.


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                I am waiting for IE8, but I am getting a bit impatiant...


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                  Final version released in November 08 I believe.


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                    Haven't really played with IE8 beta 2 much yet. I do have it installed but have been Firefox 3 as my primary browser. The newer addons available with Firefox 3 makes the web, and even the internet as a whole, a lot more engaging and entertaining to me.

                    IE8 does show potential though. Especially the activities and webslices (microformat) features built into it. With those supported by both IE and Firefox, hopefully they see wider implementation in the next few months. Having search suggestions major search engines and previous searches right in your search bar saves a lot of time when researching something. The smart address bars implemented in Firefox 3 and IE 8 are also great features that should help people save time. I think that Firefox has a slightly better implementation but both are functional and worthwhile. On the other hand Firefox 3 is missing some features that I think are key like opening new tabs relative to the one you're viewing and a tab overview with thumbnails. The ability to hide the menu bar unless needed and using Aero Glass would be nice built-in features as well. Though all of these can be overcome with addons.

                    Both of these browsers make Opera and Safari deadweight on a hard drive in my opinion.
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                      Hmm maybe MS knew about Chrome? You never know.
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                        Originally posted by Dream View Post
                        Hmm maybe MS knew about Chrome? You never know.
                        I doubt it. If they did, they would have ensure javascript etc would perform faster in IE8 b2 than in FF3 and promote it so that chrome had no real promotion feature.


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