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  • Anyone Enjoy Styling the boards?

    Was wondering if anyone actully enjoys doing this? i'm asking because its that time for a new look at my site! Its based off the standard fixed VB theme. Its pretty cool gaming site thats got about 4,000 members and is 6 months old.
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    So don't leave us hanging, what's the site address? You better have a TF2 section! *shakes fist*

    In reply to the topic: I enjoy styling when I have the time for it. I need a good day or so to get the actual idea down for what I want, then a couple days to actually find where all the templates I want to edit actually are :P


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      im at

      also if your really up for it, awesome! hit me back here or AIM: PLAYBBQY
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        Yes, I really enjoy customizing the templates and building a unique theme for a site.
        No, I don't have the free time these days anymore to do that. I already have a hard time keeping the styles up to date for my own sites like


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          I hate doing the styling. Thus, our site has the same look as when we first went public four years ago and at that time, someone else made the style.

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            I enjoy seeing the site go live after 6 months of design and planning! (on/off in between other work)

            We get a lot of emails asking us who did our design/style and whether we(/or they) would consider working for them - our answer is always, sorry but no, we don't work on 3rd party community orientated sites.

            To do a decent job it takes quite some time, and most people who run such sites couldn't afford our rates.

            There are so many things to consider, not just the look of the site but how it is coded - far too many sites are done poorly, not only affecting seo, but loading speeds and problems in various browsers. If you can't afford a proper design agency one of those 'skin sites' might be worth a look.
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              I'm with Lynne. It's painful, annoying, and difficult.

              It's just not an enjoyable experience.

              The finished product is nice, but like a critical artist you can start sitting there picking it apart and saying, well it would be better this way and this way and then you'll never finish the style.


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                I hate it also. I did one once, and did a pretty good job of it for my own forum (nothing special mind you). But I could never image having to keep updating the style all the time, to much hard work.

                I can see why some people just stick with the default theme and just maybe change the header


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                  I help run a site, and I'm learning how to create styles ATM. It's no biggie to me, really.



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                    Creating a web site and style is fun. Wrestling with browser inconsistencies is not fun.


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                      Our site mainly just sticks to color changes, and making images to fit with the new colors. Pretty easy to do, looks nice, and keeps things simple when upgrading, as there aren't any template alterations. Making something that's easy on the eyes and comfortable to look at seems better than a lot of the overly fancy graphics-heavy skins I've seen around (my profile setup is actually based on our site's default style).

                      Myself, I'm not a great designer. I made a single light skin "sort of" based on the vB AdminCP's Silver style, with some small alterations. Also left the default images in, as they worked good enough with the lighter background colors.
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                        Otherwise are there some already styled stock themes out for download anywhere? I really like the custom look i just need it styled so i'm not copying this site lol
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