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End user trying ot get help with a vBulletin forum

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  • End user trying ot get help with a vBulletin forum

    Sorry for posting this here, I cant seem to post in other forums.

    I have been trying to figure out a weird issue I am having and the site admin doesn't have any idea either.

    The issue I am having occurs with both IE7 and Firefox 3, when ever I click "Submit Reply" instead of redirecting me to the original thread with my new reply I instead get a blank page with the word "completed" in the upper left corner.

    I then have to refresh/reload the page and I get the Duplicate Post warning and then it takes me to the reply I added.

    The odd thing is we have a private section on the forum for certain people and the issue does not happen within that "private" section.

    Could this be some sort of permission issue? I am completely lost and it makes using the forums very annoying.

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    To get such an issue resolved, the admin of your site should open a support ticket or post in 1 of the support forums.
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