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Whats the best Video Game ever (in your opinion)?

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    Goldeneye (n64)
    C&C Red Alert (PC)


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      Originally posted by legionofangels2 View Post
      Surprised you people that like FF IX, I thought it was the worst one.
      On the contrary I thought it was well done, though it could have been done better (game length, some gameplay elements). I'm working my way through it again, and I'm already on Disc 3 after a week of on and off playing for about 2 to 3 hours a day.

      Gameplay could've been improved by giving the characters more variety in their abilities, I always feel very restricted during battles when playing the game.

      Anyway, on to the topic.

      My favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy VII, always has been, and always will be. I've played that game completely through more times then any other games I have. I've even got a single memory card dedicated to FF7 saves.

      After that though, are these:

      Super Mario World
      Final Fantasy IX
      Final Fantasy X
      Final Fantasy VIII
      Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun + Firestorm
      Command and Conquer Red Alert II + Yuri's Revenge (I sometimes use the Cannis Rules Unofficial Add-On as well, but not often)
      Need for Speed Underground 2
      Final Fantasy Tactics (the original and the War of the Lions remake)
      Spyro the Dragon (Awesome game, just finished it again. )
      Crash Bandicoot 2 and 3 (Last month I played Crash 2 almost non-stop so I could get four saves each at 100%)

      Then there are the classics like Galaga, Pacman, Rally-X, etc.

      This is just a small list, I don't usually buy a game unless I test drive it first either at a friends house or at an electronics store of some sort.
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        Freelancer: short lived on the single player aspect of the game (but still good). The online aspect of the game though is the best I've ever played if you like space games.

        BF2: I'm not really an army game fan, but again the online gaming side is just so funny to let some steam off. Mmmm, never could understand why I got a global ban.


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          Goldeneye for N64 was an awesome game. One of the N64's best game.
          Halo (the first one) was awesome. Never thought lanning can be so much fun.
          Final Fantasy 7 and its awesome storyline.
          Diablo 2 + Expansion were addicting. Would play all day and continue the cycle for one whole year...


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            Half-Life series, Diablo 2 (and LoD), Guild Wars Prophecies (original compaign), Unreal Tournament series, Neverwinter Nights 1, Baldur's Gate series (can't wait for BG3), Planescape: Torment, EVE Online, Rage of Mages series, Evil Islands.


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              Goldeneye on the N64 and Doom on the PC.

              Also enjoyed Kickstart on the Amstrad CPC 464.
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                I like the Harry Potter series !!!


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