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    lets say i have a computer.....and i want to upgrade it all the time...i start with two 933 MHz processor chips, 2 128 MB RAM chips, 1 20 GB hard drive and 1 40 GB drive.

    Lets say now I want to upgrade one of the 933 MHz chips and one of the RAM chips as well as one of the hard drives.

    Lets say I aslo keep doing this (upgrading the features and all) for a long time. is this possible?

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    well eventually sometime it is going to corrode or something....but unless you plan on keeping it going for maybe 50 years I wouldnt worry too much, upgrade baby

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      just what do you mean by corrode?


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        like rust almost, because of such things a acid, oils water gets on metals and oxidation occurs...


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          Originally posted by TheComputerGuy
          like rust almost, because of such things a acid, oils water gets on metals and oxidation occurs...
          oh, i see....but as long as i keep upgrading and all, one computer could last a life time?


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            well undertand this

            you will have to upgrade the motherboard to upgrade with the processors, and upgrade the ram, and the cards and the powersupply...

            Loads of stuff I tell you, sometimes its better to get a new one...


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              Computers are getting so cheap these days that at some point, you'll be wondering, should I spend another $500 to upgrade my computer, or spend $700 and get a whole new one? Not only that, but now I'd have TWO computers instead of just one.
              Well, there it is.
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                Also unless you are running some new fangled motherboard I haven't heard about, your processors have to be running at the same speed. You can't put a 1 GHZ in one slot and a 933 Mhz in the other. Even if the Bios makes you think you can.

                It will cause all sorts of weird problems to occur in the OS.
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                  In that case, question: What advantage does running two processors have over just one? Is it like twice the power (933 + 933 = 1866)?


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                    Motherboards have a set limit in how much processing speed it can handle...

                    Unless you know how to overclock it, you just can't upgrade your CPUs... there's a set limit..

                    This piece of junk computer I have, is a 333mhz processor... I can't upgrade it to anything higher... Because the processor is set in stone what it can handle

                    Half the time it depends on the BIOS it has as well... IF you have Phoenix BIOS set up on your machine... you're screwed - it can't be upgraded to be able to run anything higher - for my example - anything higher than a 333mhz processor.

                    That's one reason why I'm going to put together my own computer in about 6 months. Plus - I need to get my husband off a computer because of business reasons (the irs doesn't like stuff that's shared if you plan on writing it off at tax time).



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                      Two processors doesn't always equal double speed as most software you use won't take advantage of it. The execptions are webservers etc which work well with two processors.

                      Upgrading is a good way to keep up with the technology on a small budget, why replace your keyboard, monitor, hard drive, cdrom drive if you just want a faster processor!

                      Most of the time however you'll find that your current motherboard won't take the faster processor and you'll have to upgrade that too. Then you'll find you need a new type of memory and a new type of graphics card and it goes on .

                      But it does mean you can have exactly the system you want and not what some shop thinks you might want.
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