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vB Board of the Month - September....please vote!

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    Id like to apologize for any misinterpretations on my part. As I said, I judged on what I read. But more so, maybe on how I read.

    Good luck to all forums involved.

    PS: ComputerGuy> nice vbulletin designs.


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      Bootup, All others you posted or are up for voting,

      I feel that you are correct, this is a vote that will set new presidences for more down the line, and I am sorry for angier that I have exposed because sometimes it comes out the wrong way, because on a forum you can not tell what I mean, because you can not see me.... but b00t up you seem to be great person and a lot of people seem like that too, and I dont want to offend everyone...

      PS. b00tUP thanks for the words about the designs...


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        This is a beauty contest, homes. Not an inner-beauty contest.



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          Originally posted by Morrison
          This is a beauty contest, homes. Not an inner-beauty contest.

          Is it really nothing more than a beauty contest? Personally, I don't think you should judge a book by its cover, AND, I think it's pretty damn shallow of some people here to start picking on others regarding the quality of their graphics used.

          If you have such a problem with the graphics that somebody used on their site, then stop being such a pompous ass and sit down and spend the time designing graphics with the resources you have and send them to that "offending site" for free.

          If this is the direction this monthly forum voting is going in, it will be the last time I submit my site.

          Some people never cease to amaze me.....


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            Well, aside from all the bantering, this is a pretty cool idea!

            Anyway, I have to vote for C-prompt. The color scheme is hot, and the customization(sp?) is a nice touch!



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              Yes you are correct and when people fart in public it stinks sometimes...but yes I agree that c-propmt has a lot of hard work in it, and it looks like great folks are there...


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                well, so much for this idea...

                IMNSHO, though, if you specialize in designing vBulletins, your's should be a showpiece.


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                  I should expand my opinion on this, because I do have a bit of experience in this area.

                  My forum, at the time, had about 3,000 member, 500 of whom were regular (at least once a week) posters. We entered some stupid contest at for site design and I encouraged my members to go vote. I also told them how to delete the cookie that was set so they could vote again (I justified this to myself because about didn't tell you they were placing a cookie on your machine).
                  We won by a HUGE margin because of that, and other, cheating methods. I never, ever placed that button on the site because there was no pride in it.

                  On the other hand, I didn't see anything in the rules about not getting members of your forum to vote here. I think (see above) that it's not a great thing to do, but it isn't against the rules, and even if it were, how would you go about enforcing it?

                  Also, I didn't mean that comment to come out as pissy as it did. They have done a lotmore customization to their boards than I have to mine, and it's not ugly (unlike mine).


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                    If this is going to be a serious award, something needs to change Maybe have a few different awards per month, best looking, best hacked, most unique etc... 6 boards a month is not enough! There are over 8000 members on these forums, and hundreds of vB's on the net. Maybe we could setup a real poll, with a true rating system, each site would be rated on speed, looks, hacks, and a handfull of other items. Think MTV music awards... best overall, best graphics...

                    just some random thoughts...


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                      Your forums do rock. I would nominate you myself!


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                        How do I submit my board for nomination?
                        <sig removed because it violated the forum rules. Two requests were sent but ignored>


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                          Congrats to C-Prompt

                          Nice job


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                              gg, I have always loved your forums for the kewl design and help, you rock!! lol


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                                Much deserved for your exhaustive work, you totally deserve it.

                                Best of the bunch.
                                -Jason /

                                "I think I've been quite clear that the new style will be in vB4." - Allen Lin / February 16, 2012


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